Historical Reprints History Chronological History Of Money Since Babylon

Chronological History Of Money Since Babylon

Chronological History Of Money Since Babylon
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Chronological History Of Money

By Wickliffe B. Vennard, Sr.

This informative exposé outlines the history of money back to 800 B.C. Quick and useful reference guide.

Excerpts - p.51

Today, the U.S. Rulers are identified as Illuminati, Political Zionists, or International Bankers.

The Constitution does not provide for Advisers to Presidents, but the Hidden Government provided three advisers, viz., Col. E. Mandell House, Bernard Baruch and Sidney Weinberg. Baruch said "I am the most powerful man in the world." On September 15, 1934, Baruch reported in the Chicago Tribune, "I believe that national pride is a lot of nonsense." Every victory on the fields of battle were fought over the controversial money clause in the Constitution. In every instance our victories were immediately turned into defeats by unscrupulous Secretaries of the Treasury and/or Presidential Advisers, all fronting for the IBs.

All Minority Issues are Dead End Issues. The Ibs use them as smoke-screens and diversionary tactics. By means of propaganda media the Ibs cause th emajority of our citizens to chase them up and down the streets and become useless in the wrestling of control of our money and credit.

60 pages, Paper bound

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