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Gypsies at Secret Lake

Gypsies at Secret Lake
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Gypsies at Secret Lake

by Dorothy Leon

Gypsies at Secret Lake is a science fiction novel from the mysterious and wonderous experiences of author Dorothy Leon.

This book is dedicated to the carriers of culture throughout the world who have enhanced creativity, music, art and spirituality. My hat is off to anyone who can uplift the planet and spread peace and joy.


He walked past them slowly, since he didn't want to remain in any one area too long. He felt out of place and didn't want to arouse their suspicion. He came upon a group of four violin players. Their instruments blended perfectly as each played different counterparts of an ever-changing melody. He was amazed at how they could intertwine and intersect with each other.

Their ingenious harmonic tones were fully utilized by a thin, wiry man who danced in the dirt. He exhibited a frenzy of wild stomping, jumping, leaping and whirling. He had a flashing, mercurial quality about his every move. His facial contortions went through a myriad of expressions and his eyes flashed like a wild animal as his bare feet stirred up a whirling cloud of dust.

Something about his movements reminded Harry of his own furious gyrations that he had performed when his grandmother played her lyre. He had not thought of it in years and had never considered it to be dancing, he was just reacting to his Gram's moving melodies. She had always praised him, but he had never taken it seriously. Now, he began to wonder if it had been his gypsy blood rising to meet the gypsiness in her music.


Born under unusual circumstances in a log cabin in the Missouri Ozarks, Dorothy has been a mystic since birth. The morning after her delivery, a wandering psychic told her mother that she had "a work to do". Conversing with angels, she was later contacted by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and other Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

After graduating from high school and college, she studied with Walter Russel's "University of Philosophy and Science," a Kahuna Priest in Hawaii, and the "Cosmic Star Temple," where she became an ordained minister. She also belonged to an Essene group, Astara, Order of the Circle Cross, Mentalphysics, Keepers of the Flame, The Baconian Society, and Mother Mary's Circle.

Paperback, 5 x 8, 120+ pages

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