Girl's Camp Days

Girl's Camp Days
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Author Name James Wheatfield
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Girl's Camp Days

James Wheatfield

This book is intended for the adult book connoisseur, who can fly into a fantasy world of sexual wonders and delights without hesitation, without immaturity, without prudishness, and without inhibitions of the mind.



Iris Harrault stepped back and surveyed the summer porch. It was all ready -- newly dusted, the plants all green and thriving, the small wicker table intimately laid for two. The whiskey sours were in the refrigerator and the cold supper prepared. She glanced at her watch, and then out the porch screen which looked out over the wooded drive. No sign of him yet. I'll just freshen myself up, she thought, and then he ought to be here.

She walked into the bathroom, and hurriedly combed her short dark hair and applied a natural lip gloss to her lips. Casting a critical glance over her figure, dressed in yellow -- her best color -- she nodded to herself in satisfaction. Then she heard the sound of the car.

Running out to the driveway, she was just in time to see her husband John step out of their station wagon.

Happily, she ran right up to him and he hugged her, lifting her small frame right up off the ground.

"Mmm, good to see you again, honey," he murmured, kissing her soft scented hair.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him lingeringly on the lips. Arm in arm, they went inside.

Iris immediately got out the frosted glasses and poured them both a drink. They sat on the cool porch, sipping their drinks and chatting about John's trip to New York City.

"Boy, am I glad to be back here!" he said, shaking his head. "How anyone can live in that city in the summer is beyond me!"

"Try running this place by yourself for a week, and then you might be glad to get back to New York!" Iris retorted, only half-joking.

"Oh come on, honey, surely it isn't that bad!" John answered.

"Keeping eight teen-age girls in line is never easy!" Iris said, looking at him steadily.

"Oh, I think I could handle them... heh... heh..." John joked.

"I bet you could, you dirty old man!" Iris laughed.

This was the third year they had been running Endwood Camp. Ever since they were married, it had been their driving ambition to purchase some land in upstate New York and start a summer camp for young girls. Finally, three years ago, they managed to, acquire some land in the Catskills. It was a beautiful area, and they had built the main house and the dormitory building right on the edge of the forest. That had decided the name, "Endwood," and a short walk through the woods lead to a beautiful lake, not very big, but excellent for swimming, created by a tributary of the Delaware. The first two years, they had had only six girls, but this year, they had eight. Actually, their financial status at the end of the summer would determine whether they could continue the camp in the future, and they were very anxious to make a success of this summer, in the hope that the present boarders would telegraph the word and result in even more applicants before the season was over.

But now, pressing as they were, their minds were not on the business troubles of running the camp...

"I've missed you, darling..." Iris murmured, "after all, a week's a long time!"

"After ten years of marriage," John kidded, "you should be sick of me, not wanting me back!"

"Want me to prove it?" she asked teasingly, looking at him through long dark lashes.

"Yes," he answered lightly. "Come to think of it, I do want proof!"

Iris got up from her wicker chair, and slowly walked over to her husband.

"Come with me, lover," she whispered huskily, taking his hand.

She half-pulled him into the bedroom, and he, continuing the game, pretended not to know where they were going.

"What the..." he said, smothering a laugh.

5¼ x 8 softcover
192 pages decorated with risque vintage photographs and artwork

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