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Ancient Chinese Account of the Grand Canyon

Ancient Chinese Account of the Grand Canyon
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Author Name Alexander M'allan
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Ancient Chinese
of the
Grand Canyon

Course of the Colorado

Alexander M'allan

The ancient Chinese records tell of a "Place of Ten Suns," where "Ten Suns rose and shone together"

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Seven Suns were also seen shining together in the sky! and at night (if indeed we can call it "night") as many as seven moons!

(What a haunt for lovers and poets!)

Five Suns were also beheld.

What Liars those Chinese writers are!

Very good; but why not denounce all our own Arctic navigators as a pack of Liars? They all tell about more Suns than one! A picture of Five is furnished by a most eminent explorer. The dictionaries and cyclopedias of our careful publishers call the appearance of two or more suns (or moons) a Parhelion. The number of the multiplied "luminaries" never exceeds Ten. There actually is a "Place of Ten Suns."

Ten Suns say the Ancients.

Ten Suns say the Moderns.

160 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 161033700X

ISBN-13: 9781610337007

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