Mysteries Religion Four Tables of Divine Revelation

Four Tables of Divine Revelation

Four Tables of Divine Revelation
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Four Tables
of Divine Revelation

Jacob Behem

HOW sad an Account have they to give, whose Throats, like open Sepulchres, blast with their Breath (as far as their Venom reaches) the most eminent Gifts of God in Men that bear his Image? Of which did they know the Danger, it could not but make them tremble, to consider how their poisoned Arrows will return and stick in their own Souls : Yet some have not feared maliciously to defame this deep illuminated Man of God. A Man, whose Writings manifestly appear to have been the Dictates of God's Spirit. And the Will of God was made the Rule of his Life, resigning himself to the divine Will, to will and work nothing but according to the Will of God.


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Yet against the Spirit of this pious Man (as if they feared an Eclipse of their Evening Splendor, by the Daylight of his Writings) have some (especially among the Lamps of our modern Sects) spit forth their Venom, in Aspersions so injuriously false, and palpably absurd, that neither Reason nor Religion, Prudence or Piety, could yield any Motive thereto, but only the Monster of their own Frailty.

Thus does the Prince of the Air blind Men with Self-Love; that though in others they would seem to abhor Unrighteousness, yet they themselves can rashly proceed to Sentence, before they understand him, and some before they have read a Leaf in his Writings. Whereas others that have seriously studied him, and (with the divine Blessing) understood much of him, can justly and clearly evince the true Concordance of his Writings with the Word of God in Holy Writ, and their Inconsistence with conceited Sects, corrupt Doctrines, both of our own and former Ages, and all heretical Opinions whatever.


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124 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610334612
ISBN-13: 9781610334617

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