Beyond Reality Out of this World UNDERGROUND ALIEN BIO LAB AT DULCE: The Bennewitz UFO Papers


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Author Name Timothy Green Beckley, Christa Tilton, Sean Casteel, Jim McCampbell, Dr. Michael E. Salla, Leslie Gunter, Bruce Walton



The Bennewitz UFO Papers

compiled by
Timothy Green Beckley

Timothy Green Beckley, Christa Tilton, Sean Casteel,
Jim McCampbell, Dr. Michael E. Salla,
Leslie Gunter, Bruce Walton

This is one of the strangest continuing sagas I have ever become involved in. Since the 1970s strange and peculiar phenomena have become the norm around the town of Dulce, New Mexico, located in the Four Corners area of the United States. Situated on a Native American reservation and surrounded by cliffs, UFOs have been seen, animals have been found mutilated and reports of an underground base taken over by aliens have been consistent.



There are even testimonies that aliens have gone amuck inside a huge subterranean facility previously controlled by U.S. secret forces and have set up a bubbling lab to create hybrid beings - half human, half alien.

The UFO Hunters show on the History Channel recently featured an entire episode on this series of events and a few days later George Noory and Coast to Coast AM plunged head first into trying to make sense out of the various accounts that have - pardon the expression -- surfaced.

And while it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when this macabre saga started to develop it does seem to date back to the time when an engineer named Paul Bennewitz felt he was being "called" to the area when what he assumed were ETs tried to communicate with him over a radio receiver. He had been "directed" to this area after observing UFOs over the Kirtland Air Force nuclear storage facility. Standing near some of the tall cliffs outside Dulce, Bennewitz took a series of photographs showing unidentified craft diving into the mountains through what he claimed were entrance ways that could be opened and closed. The ships themselves passed by so fast they could not be seen with the unaided eye.

Somehow he knew where to aim his camera. He also supposedly managed to get a shot of a strange Bigfoot-like creature standing in a nearby clump of trees. The area around these mountains seemed to be alive with all sorts of paranormal activity.

In the early days of this activity, I do not believe the public was aware of what was supposedly going on in Dulce. The first inkling of the situation I got was in a telephone conversation with Wendelle Stevens, a UFO researcher known for investigating the more speculative aspects of the ET mystery. He just happened to mention while I had him on the phone that someone was in his home who had undergone combat with a group of big eyed grays at an underground military facility believed to be fully operative for some time underground just outside Dulce's town limits.

A while later, at a UFO and conspiracy conference I sponsored in Phoenix, I ran into a woman who had dug deeply into the Paul Bennewitz case as well as numerous animal mutilations in the vicinity. There were supposedly dozens of animals all cut up and the ranchers were more or less freaking out. Many of the mutilations were associated with strange balls of light and UFO-type phenomenon that would be seen on the nights when the animals were apparently being butchered.

Christa Tilton spent some time with Paul Bennewitz, who has since committed suicide after perhaps being pushed to do so by weird mental tampering with his life. During my first meeting with Christa I offered to purchase a self-published report that Christa had put together on the entire Bennewitz affair. I eventually published the report but never really pushed it and it kind of died on the vine as they say in publisher's lingo.

But the rumors continued to fly as more and more information - or disinformation -- became public knowledge. A claim was made of a last man standing war in which the aliens took over the lower levels at the Dulce base and set up containers where they could breed humans, turning them into hybrids. One military personnel said he managed to escape, but later "disappeared," while another individual, Phil Schneider, "mysteriously" committed suicide after he began speaking in public about his experiences at Dulce.

And in spite of those who discount some of the more speculative episodes, there have been - and this is a matter of public record - any number of unexplainable sightings of "saucers" in and around the town. Some of them were seen by the local Native Americans, others by no less a credible witness than the chief of police.

Some of the Native Americans equate the presence of UFOs with the appearance of their gods, but these appearances seemed a bit more negative. . .but not all of them! Paul Villa (whose book of seemingly authentic UFO photographs we just published) spoke of meeting advanced humanoid beings within a stone's throw of Dulce. His pictures are quite spectacular and the objects are shown to have landed on tripod extensions.

240+ pages - 10¾ x 8¼ softcover

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