Spirituality-Religions Beyond Christianity God Games : What do you do forever?

God Games : What do you do forever?

God Games : What do you do forever?
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God Games
What do you do forever?

by Neil Freer

Overview from the Author:

In the elational planetlight
Of genetic enlightenment
We shall overcome
The ancient godspell,
The slave blindness,
Parent god-fright,
Babel-factoring our genetic genius
Into negative quotients.

This book is about what to do after you get genetically enlightened. By "genetic enlightenment" I mean what it's like once you have broken the godspell, the effect of the ancient, subservient master-slave attitude that is the deepest dye in the fabrics of both Eastern and Western culture, the result of having been created as slave-animals by the Annunaki/Nefilim, the transcultural "gods" (alien humanoids from the tenth planet, Nibiru, in our solar system) known to the ancient civilizations.

This book is about how we may live, how we will conceive of reality after we fully real-ize the fact that we are a genetically engineered species. How we will operate as our own "gods", according to our own genetic credentials, play our own god-games according to our own transcendental choices, creating our own confident realities. It is about what it is like to be a member of a synthesized species which is going through a special case of evolution, a rapid metamorphosis, when the ramifications of that unthinkable thought are now about to bring about a turning point in our history. It is about the new civilization we are about to create out of the new planetary vision.

But, let it be said, at the beginning, the new meta- paradigm is not a call for a return to a paradise lost, some golden age of our racial youth, finding, creating or in any way suggesting a new religion. If that is your intention, please do not read this book. This is all about living beyond religion in any way we have conceived of that strange phenomenon before.

But do not read this book if you are looking for a justification for shrink-wrapping the universe on some sophomoric atheistic basic either.

What is the "godspell"? I use this word, previously part of the title of a Broadway play, as a precise way of characterizing the racial mind-set we humans have been infected with for some three thousand years. The godspell is the obsequious, subservient attitude toward the "gods" we were programmed and conditioned to when the Nefilim were here and which has evolved into the same slave mentality toward "God", Allah, Jehovah, the deity of your choice, which are all sublimations of the ancient Annunaki/Nefilim.

The godspell mentality is, unquestionably in my mind, the most fundamental flaw in our planet's culture. It is the most pervasive, most fundamentally deep element at the root of war, conflict, division, and misunderstanding among humans. It is such, precisely, because it is essentially a complete falsehood and the use of "spell" in the word godspell is nearly literal. It is an ideology based on millenniums of fear, deep conditioning, further and further separation from the physical reality of our inventors and the truth about our invention, and sublimations on top of sublimations of the Nefilim into a Supreme Being. It is an elaborate, false, hollow intellectual construction and emotional trauma that still forms the skeletal framework of our planetary cultures, manifesting as religion and theology, and reinforced by strong emotional evocation. It cannot be proven reasonably and, therefore, there is "faith", the belief in that which cannot be seen, usually justified on the basis that that which is believed in is transcendental and/or ineffable. The most charitable judgement on the phenomenon of the godspell mentality is that it was probably inevitable, given our original status, the Nefilim departing the planet, depriving us of the direction and teaching we had known under their domination, thereby forcing us to do for ourselves.

We have been explaining, adjusting, arguing among ourselves and killing each other over who knows what the god(s) really want from us and what we are supposed to be doing as humans for some three thousand years now and the process has always been stultifying, very counterproductive, horribly tragic in the vast number of humans who have lost their lives in the name of one god or another. We have come through the stages from slave to serf to Savior and are now regaining some sense of self. We are long overdue for a liberated, truly human existence. To this point, the last three thousand years of our history may be characterized as a prolonged proprietary polity fight over who holds authority over the absolute version of reality, who represents and interprets the will of some "god". We kill each other over claims as to what human nature really is and by what rules it should operate. We have treated the sociobiological event of our beginning as a species as if we could never be sure if it ever really occurred ... In a time when we are required to deal with the politics of non-overlapping alien realities we are not able to resolve the separations caused by our overlapping intra- species realities. We are theologically inane, philosophically naive, scientifically cramped. But we will not be for long.

The planet is on hold; in a perverse ecology we recycle outmoded primitive paradigms. We shuffle our feathers-and- molasses confusion between hands, creating governments peopled largely by the cynically devolved, sincere, perhaps, but myopic, in a time when sincerity is tragically inadequate.

Domestically we are a dead poet's society paralyzed and waiting perennially for the futant we have probably already terminated at the stake, in the courtroom, the boardroom, the lab, the dean's office, the classroom for violating a taboo....

We still matriculate our young, these amazing parallel processing, relativistic, quantum jumping, multi-dimensional consciousnesses, semi-illiterate and naive for fear of them questioning our shambling senilities. In a time when we need to stretch our historical sense to allow for the visitation of our planet by alien species from before our origins, we teach them drum and trumpet mammalian history fleshed out with desiccated parochial political platitudes. And expect that they will somehow be ready to step into stellar society. Yet everybody knows that there is something grand about to happen. Everybody knows that we are becoming a new race; not just a somewhat improved one, but we are moving to a new plateau of racial existence.

There is a new human emerging. Our children show all the signs; they are underwhelmed and overqualified. We feel it. And the signs are everywhere. There is the ongoing philosophical effort to provide the ideational context, the adequate maps and metaphors, the comprehensive unifying epistemology and clear picture of the way it might be if we had already reached a status beyond war, want, primitive competition, and the inevitability of death. But the solutions offered, however sincere and correct, are partial pieces of the puzzle.

There is the growing trend in psychology toward healing, integrated personal growth, the recognition of other than ordinary states of consciousness. But there is not yet a full context in which to bring together both the good in the old approaches and the valuable elements in an overarching concept of our racial psychological development that is a complement of individual development.

There is the scientific thrust to make life easier, to eliminate disease, to provide longevity and, indeed, immortality. We are about to read the entire human genome, the complete set of genetic instructions that make us the way we are. Science is on the verge of providing the synthesis for a unified field theory, to explore the parapsychological with precision, to provide for the wants and needs of the entire planet. Until now the context in which to integrate all those elements has been lacking.

There is the New Age phenomenon in all its multifaceted, multicolored charm speaking of a world without war, with a harmonious ecology, concern and caring for all, love among all humans and life as just plain fun. But how to take that grand conspiracy to celebration is, after almost a quarter century, still awkwardly uncertain.

There is the broad sweep of a gradual re-integration of the profound philosophies of the East and the West driven by the intuition that there is a more profound level of truth below the usual consensual understanding of them. But there is still lacking a clear conception of a common source for these seemingly very different views of reality.

There is the groundswell rising to a new politic. The worldwide direction is clearly in the positive direction of individual human dignity and rights, toward individual opportunity. Peristroika and glasnost, representative government, civil and equal rights, freedom. But, however powerful the thrust of the demand for the recognition of the individual's dignity and rights there is still not a clear and global understanding of the fundamental nature of the human which is required to ground it.

There are the strident calls for a completely new economic structure that will meet the needs and honor the dignity of all, foreshadowed by Buckminster Fuller's World Game. But, although it is not by bread alone, it is by bread by which we live. We do, indeed, need an economic context and system befitting the dignity of all humans and for all humans and there are some scenarios that are particularly enlightened in that respect but they must, by their nature, be a part of the much grander vision.

And there is a dark side. There is a slinking cynicism, an often unspoken, viral attitude in human society that holds that there is no chance for such a new plateau of human existence. In that view it is impossible to get out of the criteria vacuum in which religion, philosophy and science rattle around with no way to initialize a common ground; impossible to get past the communicatory barriers of belief, taboo, turf and custom. Death is the pervasive conditioner, the source of the enervation of all effort toward transcendent expansion and an excuse for not even trying. We get here without a manual and the struggle for survival prevents even beginning to write one for oneself. That desperate cynicism holds it impossible to arrive at an overview of the human situation comprehensive enough to subsume all familiar worldviews and unite humans in a planetary paradigm.

I categorically, unequivocally and emphatically reject that point of view. Our most advanced thought from the ancient maps of consciousness to quantum mechanics points to the fact that we are capable of and do, indeed, create our own reality. It is clear that we have already attained a degree of knowledge and racial experience that allows us to begin to take charge of and responsibility for the direction of our own evolution. The vectors of our progress point inexorably in that direction. It is the godspell, ultimately, that gives rise to passive, debilitating cynicism.

The elements, the characteristics of the new civilization are a collective, consensual awareness of our generic humanity as a planetary unity, a recognition of a common, known history from the beginning of the race as a genetically engineered species, a globally common conception of human nature and its evolutionary direction, a multi- dimensional sociobiology capable of reflexive self-analysis, a psychology devoted to fostering the positive evolutionary development of the individual over the entire spectrum of consciousness, a unified scientific field expressed through a profound natural language based on self-referential consciousness, an ecological, non-competitive, ubiquitously helpful economics, an integral systems approach to the management of the material realm, with the primary focus on the transcendental as the essential human process.

The characteristics that mark the new human are an unassailable personal integrity, relativistic epistemology, profound compassion, robust depth of informational data, understanding of the universe in terms of a full unified field, broad-spectrum competence, transcendental competition, facility in dimensional shifting, preference for dyadic operation, a profound ability to enjoy, to play the games most enjoyable and satisfying to generic "gods", an expanded capacity to literally have great fun creating new realities, with the primary focus on the multi- dimensional. And to play those god games in the context of relative immortality and, eventually, habitual four dimensional consciousness.

The turning point will be reached when we real-ize it; we will real-ize it when we reach it. That is not a devious Zen saying but a precise statement of fact, for the nature of the change is of the nature of a reality creation by us and we will make it real as we do it. The quintessential character of the change is determined by the fact that we have, for the first time, reached a point in our evolution where we can actually determine our own evolutionary direction -- and we can and shall do that. That's the nature of human reality creation. It may be objected that such a planetary unity of understanding of our nature will limit human freedom and stultify creativity and diversity and take the mystery out of life. Not if it is correct; if it, indeed, is in keeping with the deepest elements of our genetic makeup it will do just the opposite. It will relieve survival pressures, honor and foster individuality, create the greatest latitude for multiple realities and support and accelerate our expansion into greater and greater dimensions.

My point is extremely simple: unless we know who we are and how and where we came from we will remain at odds with each other over the definitions we give as to what we are -- and therefore what we are about. Until we can overcome those barriers and know how we are generically human we will not attain the positive common planetary ground that is the essential context needed to support the greatest degree of individual freedom and complex variety of human activity, exploration and expansion. All the political, economic, social, scientific, new age, evolutionary variables are only symptomatic; the genetic level is where the profound realization, enlightenment, must blossom. In addition, because it restores our true history to us, the new paradigm brings an, previously unattainable, unassailable integrity individually and as a race which will be essential to entering into direct contact with alien species -- either in the future or with one that is already here on the planet. For that appears quite clearly to be the event that will call the turn to a new civilization if we do not do it for ourselves. As curious, strange, fantastic, stunning -- or stupid -- as any of the concepts advanced in this book seem to any reader, the fact is that there are already a small number of humans who have already assimilated and surpassed them as theory and actually live as what I have called the "new human". I assume the minor premise that evolution and, particularly, our special case of it, progresses through individuals extending and living according to their unique potential's fullest expression. Demanding that the individual wait for any obstacle or condition facing the race to be overcome or perfected before exploring the next phase is counter-productive and not to be imposed on anyone.

We have at hand the common understanding of our racial beginnings, of our bicameral nature, of our common history and expansion over the face of the planet, of our relationship to the Nefilim and to each other. The awareness and comprehension of this fundamental, generic, racial self-knowledge I have called genetic enlightenment. It is the basis for a profound unification of all humanity. Not some superficial social homogenization of peoples and cultures and philosophies but a unification that frees us to be one race and explains and enhances our diversity of adaptations and cultures and contributions.

The godspell broken, the Babel factor canceled, we can finally enter stellar society as a mature race which knows who and what it is, what is good for it and what is not; with whom or what it could interact with whom and what it would be dangerous to make contact; with the minimum of preconceptions as to how things should be. I invite you to become your own evolutionary artist, to go one-on-one with the universe. I invite you to participate in an exploration and mapping out of the post genetic enlightenment context of collective and individual existence in terms of the unique genius, sometimes disconcerting accelerations, and precocious proclivities of our bicameral genetic heritage.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 9, 1997

About the Author:

NEIL is a researcher, writer, lecturer and generalist living in Santa Fe, NM. He holds a BA in English and did his graduate work in Philosophy and Psychology at the New School for Social Research. He has taught college courses in Philosophy and History of Religion, gives private and public seminars and lectures and has done over one hundred fifty radio and TV interviews. Neil is author of the book Breaking the Godspell which explores the startling ramifications of the archaeological, genetic and astronomical proofs for our being a genetically engineered species and presents the consequences of this new paradigm of human nature that resolves and subsumes the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict. He has recently finished a second book, God Games, in which he explores the ways in which we will live beyond religion when,individually and racially, we attain the unassailable integrity afforded by the restoration of our true genetic history. He outlines the racial maturity of a new planetary civilization on the horizon and describes the depth,characteristics and multi-dimensional aspirations of the new human.

Softbound, 6 x 9, 312 pages

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