Oahspe Bible

Oahspe Bible
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The Oahspe Bible
A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih
and His Angel Embassadors

by Dr. John Ballou Newbrough

This rare, and not commonly known book or bible was a channeled set of writings to a Dentist in the 1800's, named Dr. John Ballou Newbrough. It was first published in 1885.

The amazing part of this manuscript of channelings, are the revelations of scientific ideas, that were only to become facts when later discovered with modern science and technology.

Strange as the book itself - is the account of its birth. A graduate in both medicine and dentistry, Dr Newbrough was also gifted with astonishing ESP. Many of the foremost mediums of his day were guests in his home, and were put through the tests in the efforts of Dr. Newbrough to determine the truth or falsity of spirit phenomena. After several years of playing around with various mediums, the good doctor became disgusted with the vacuity of the things they told him while under spirit influence.

Convinced that he was being contacted by out-of-the-body intelligences he was also disgusted with the low grade of intelligence displayed by them. The years between 1871 and 1881 were spent in spiritual purification during which time he became aware of spiritual guidance. Instructed to buy a typewriter (which had just been invented) he did so. Upon sitting at the instrument an hour before dawn he discovered that his hands typed, except when he read what was being printed. He was told he must not read the book until it was finished.

At the end of a year, the manuscript was finished -- The OAHSPE - a New Bible.

OAHSPE purports to be written at the command of God, who states the He is NOT the creator but is simply the chief executive officer for planet Earth.

This strange book informs us that the world entered a new era in the year 1848, how the new era is different from those which preceded and what changes will come to humanity...

One of the chapters or books gives the keys to ancient languages.

"OAHSPE is a book of spiritual light and truth. It is also a historical record. The reading of OAHSPE is an undertaking worthy of the most assiduous care."

7 1/4w x 10 1/2h - TWO Volumes 991 pages total
Comb-bound paperback

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