Twin Deception

Twin Deception
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The Twin Deception

By Tony Bushby

Bushby's Books Banned
in 22 Countries

Reading like a suspense novel, The Twin Deception unlocks the concealed evidence of Jesus' twin brother and reveals how the church contrived for centuries to hide the information from the public.

Using the suppressed chapter of the bible, historical First Century Roman records, extracts from the Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament narratives, the forbidden knowledge of the great Renaissance artists, and the decoded secret ciphers of a 16th Century Knights Templar Initiate, Bushby deals in fascinating detail with the inevitable questions his evidence brings to light.

Michelangelo and Leonado da Vinci
preserved a Papal secret
and the discovery of an
ancient Bible unlocks it.

In presenting his argument, Bushby challenges the Christians view at every point and raises additional questions about the role and authority of the church in modern society.

What the Knight Templars
New About Jesus!
Tony Bushby has already fuelled worldwide controversy with his books and, in shattering old myths, he provokes a fresh debate on the most controversial figure in history, Jesus Christ.

How the Church HID
Jesus Twin Brother!

And what may well be the central point of the debate sure to follow, The Twin Deception strips away the false veneer surrounding Christianity and puts before Christians themselves the flesh and blood person of Jesus' identical twin.

Stunning NEW Information
about the ORIGINS of Christianity!

In 1985, Tony began an investigation into the origins of Christianity and the activities of established religion throughout the world for more than 2,000 years. He has subsequently written 3 outstanding books on the subject: The Bible Fraud, The Secret in the Bible and The Crucifixion of Truth.

These books have sold in their thousands in all countries of the world and as his works fill many gaps and offer a more complete picture than the fictional works that have become popular of late, his writings have drawn praise and verification from people of all vocations.

About the Author: Tony Bushby:

After achieving the necessary academic qualifications, Tony Bushby, an Australian born in Tasmania, became a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur very early in his life. He subsequently established a magazine publishing business and spent twenty years researching, writing and publishing his own magazines primarily for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

With strong spiritual beliefs and an interest in metaphysical subjects, Tony developed a long relationship with many associations and societies throughout the world. He has been given access to numerous private libraries and, in one instance, he actually lived in an archival library for a time.

The development of The Bible Fraud involved him in twelve years of full-time, painstaking research and a personal investment of enormous expense. With a brilliant mind and being fiercely tenacious, he was able to peel back the layers of ignorance, superstition, deception and fear that surrounded the creation of the New Testament and the brutal enforcement of those "truths" down through the centuries.

Tony travelled extensively through Egypt, the Middle East, England, Wales, Scotland, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Synchronicities allowed opportunities to come to him during this period. For example, a written introduction by an Australian Prime Minister opened doors overseas for him with the trustees of a large European museum subsequently allowing him exclusive access to rare biblical manuscripts in their archival library.

His first book, The Bible Fraud has been an enormous success and his second and third books, The Secret in the Bible and The Crucifixion of Truth, are following this same path.

During the period of his life when he was researching, writing and publishing his magazines, he became captivated with the phenomenon of Near Death Experiences and over the years, he interviewed many hundreds of people on the subject. Tony released an interim book Glimpses of Life Beyond Death with the assistance of his publisher. This fascinating book is filled with true stories and has been compiled from Tony's actual interview notes.

Tony Bushby is a man who vigorously protects his private life. He is currently travelling abroad preparing the manuscript to follow his current books. Untitled as yet, it is expected to be available in 2006.

Softcover, 9 x 6", 360+ pages
NOTE: Imported from Australia


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