Science Mysteries Suppressed Science Time Travel : A How-To-Insiders Guide

Time Travel : A How-To-Insiders Guide

Time Travel : A How-To-Insiders Guide
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Time Travel
A How-To-Insiders Guide

by Tim Swartz & Commander X

Commander X, A retired military intelligence operative -- and best selling author and Emmy Award winning producer Tim Swartz, together in one exciting new book to bring you centuries of secret knowledge concerning time and its mysteries.

While time travel may seem like science fiction, the incredible truth is that time travel research is being conducted right now in secret labs all over the world. These investigations have uncovered some startling revelations on the nature of Time-Space and reality as we know it.

Here are revelations that could, someday, make time travel possible to anyone willing to learn the methods that could unlock the doorway to the beyond.

Learn about the Philadelphia Experiment and how a secret military project may have accidentally opened a window through time. Read about people who mysteriously vanished, only to reappear months, even years later with no memory of what had happened to them. Discover "Window Areas" located across the country that may be natural doorways to other times and dimensions.

150 pages, softbound, 7 x 10"

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