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Traitors and Treason

Traitors and Treason
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Traitors & Treason

By Robert W. Pelton

What's your traitor-treason I.Q.? If you can answer the following questions, it's high. If you miss one or more, you should carefully read Traitors & Treason.

* Which Secretary of State was identified as a Soviet agent?

* How many of the 17 Americans who helped create the United Nations were later exposed as Communist moles?

* Who allowed the head of the American Communist Party to have an office in the White House?

* Which President promoted a highly placed Communist mole after the FBI had exposed the man?

* Which major American university gave an honorary degree to a notorious Communist spy?

These are questions to which every American should rightfully have an honest answer! But, unfortunately, most do not. As the Honorable Ezra Taft Benson says: "The truth must be told even at the risk of destroying, in large measure, the influence of men who are widely respected and loved by the American people. The stakes are high. Freedom and survival is the issue."

Tragedy was carefully orchestrated by traitors in the Government and the media with regard to Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Rhodesia, China, El Salvador, Nicaragua and many other countries. Anastasio Somoza, former President of free Nicaragua, offered a startling insight: "I have factual evidence that the . . . betrayal of Nicaragua was not perpetrated out of ignorance, but rather by design."1 Somoza was soon after assassinated. Earl E.T. Smith was the American Ambassador to Cuba when it was similarly delivered to the Communists. He makes this concise comment: "Nicaragua is Cuba all over again."2 Is this not treason?

The answer to one of the initial questions is this: Henry Kissinger was named in sworn testimony as a Soviet espionage agent with the code name "Bor." This Kremlin mole was exposed by a top Polish intelligence operative, Colonel Michael Goleniewski, who defected to the West in 1961. Kissinger, while a U.S. Army sergeant right after World War II, was charged with being a member of a Russian spy ring called ODRA. He was at the time a counter intelligence interrogator and taught at the Military Intelligence School.3 Are there not traitors among us?

John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy, made this shocking statement to the 1983 Annapolis graduating class: "Within weeks many of you will be looking cross just hundreds of feet of water at some of the most modern technology ever invented in America. Unfortunately, it is on Soviet ships." 4 Is this not treason?

Chevron-Gulf pays the Communist dictatorship in Angola over $600 million annually in taxes and oil royalties. This money buys new Soviet MiGs, tanks and helicopter gunships. And it pays Castro for supplying 35,000 imported Cuban mercenaries who keep the people enslaved.5 Are there not traitors among us?

Stresses retired Brigadier General Andrew J. Gatsis: "Though aware of the Communist goal of world domination, the average U.S. Citizen refuses to believe . . . that the real threat comes from . . . governmental officials and their non-governmental confederates who secretly espouse the same objectives as the openly avowed Communists."6 Anthony Sutton states: "We now have the formidable task of bringing these gentlemen to the bar of justice to publicly answer for their private and concealed actions."7

Traitors & Treason carefully examines the reasons for, and the Americans behind, the fall of freedom and the rise of tyranny throughout the world. Such a book won't win any accolades from the United Nations or the State Department. Nor will Harvard feel compelled to bestow an honorary degree upon the author. After all, Harvard Law School was the spawning ground for an incredible number of Red agents. Included were members of the first Soviet spy ring ever to be exposed in the government. Reed Irvine aptly comments: "Indeed, it has long been a joke among refugees from Eastern Europe that there are more Marxists at Harvard than there are in the Soviet Union, or Poland, or whatever Communist country the refugee called home."8

The definition of treason isn't difficult to interpret. It's not a murky gobbledegook of words. Treason is the only crime specifically mentioned in the Constitution. The description is crystal clear: "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."9 Treason is still a most serious federal offense. U.S. Code, Title 18, Section 2381, forthrightly deals with those who commit treason; Section 2382 covers those who do nothing about it when they know of someone who commits treason.

Traitors & Treason is the product of years of intense research, data collection, and vast personal experience in intelligence. The evidence is irrefutable! The documentation is indisputable! The end result brings forth an inescapable conclusion-America has been subverted by many traitors in and out of government! America has been deliberately weakened by conscious acts of treason over a period of many decades from the Roosevelt Administration up to present day.

Traitors & Treason reveals the names of the players. It gives important facts about the game. Judge for yourself!

Softbound, 5.5 x 8.5, 437 pages

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