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T. Lobsang Rampa

Well, just about everyone does astral travel when they go to sleep. The astral body goes off, and the physical body is meant to remain more or less passive, twisting and turning a bit, of course, in order that muscles may not be strained by being contracted for too long in one position.


But sometimes a person who is in the astral will be so engrossed in his or her activities in that astral stage that he or she will unconsciously relinquish part of the control suppressing the activities of the physical back on Earth. And so the physical tends by "sympathetic reaction" to follow the astral body, and so we get a case of somnambulism, or sleep walking.

The person gets out of bed and just ambles about, and it is better not to awaken such a person because if he is awakened then the sudden shock can bring back the astral body with yet another shock which makes the combination of astral and physical quite bilious. Sleep walkers who have suddenly been awakened will certainly agree with me on that point.

Another question is, "Is the Land of the Golden Light a fourth dimensional world?" Well, yes it is a fourth dimensional world while we are in this third dimensional world. But when we are in the fourth dimensional world the Land of the Golden Light will be in the fifth dimensional world, and so on. You see, when you move upwards the stage above you is always more golden, that is, it has a more tenuous atmosphere and a higher frequency of oscillation (why don't I just call it "vibration"?)

Somebody is quite interested in this fourth dimensional world because he says, "When you die to the fourth dimensional world where does your astral body go?" You always have to have a body, after all, think how stupid you would be if you were trying to get about and you hadn't got a body of any land, if you were just pure thought. It wouldn't be much good to you, would it? So down here on Earth we have a physical body.

Now if you can imagine what we were like on the second dimension, then what is now our physical body would then have approximated to the astral body. So we moved from the second dimension into the third, which is on this Earth, and then we occupied more solidly the Earth body which was in effect the astral body of the second dimension.

So when we leave this Earth we shall vacate our Earth body and then we shall go to the astral world and live in the astral body which is then our physical body. Do you follow that? Wherever we are at that moment we have a physical body, and, of course, on each stage our body will be absolutely as solid as all those other bodies which are around us. We build up energy for a new astral body from what we are doing on what is at that moment our "Earth", or the world of our physical existence, so that eventually when you get to the-oh, what shall I say?-eighth dimension, you will have to live in the eighth dimensional physical body while your actions and your life force will generate the ninth physical body which then, of course, will be your astral. And that astral body will be in close touch with your Overself which is much, much, much higher.

Here's another question about astral travelling. It is, "When you are astral travelling how do you go about finding the zones in which astral cats, dogs, horses, etc., live?" Well, you don't have to go about finding it.

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