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Suffrage Cook Book, The

Suffrage Cook Book, The
Catalog # SKU1871
Publisher TGS Publishing
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Author Name Kleber
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Suffrage Cook Book

Compiled by
Mrs. L.O. Kleber

A cookbook of recipes from little known leaders, shakers and movers of the Suffrage Movement.

This book is a preservation work to save a bit of history for today's woman. It contains many pictures of women that were local leaders in the Suffrage Movement and some men that endorsed and supported their cause.

Many recipes, long forgotten are resurrected in this curio book.

This book is a scanned facsimile
from an old first edition copy of the
original book. The pages were yellowed,
and the print fading. TGS has worked hard to
restore the original pages the best possible.
These tidbits of history should not be allowed to
disappear from the public.

Softcover, 8¼" x 5¼, 300+ pages

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