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Dictionary of the First Words in the English Language

Dictionary of the First Words in the English Language
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A Dictionary
of the First or Oldest
Words in the English Language

From the Semi-Saxon Period
of A.D. 1250 To 1300

Consisting Of
An Alphabetical Inventory Of
Every Word Found In The Printed English
Literature of the 13th Century

Herbert Coleridge

This standard for works of earlier date than 1526 is furnished by the following pages, which contain an alphabetical inventory of every word found in the printed English literature of the 13th century. As, however, a mere index verborum would but inadequately fulfil its object, a certain amount of explanatory and etymological matter has been added, which it is hoped may render the work more generally interesting and useful than could otherwise have been the case.

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Aback, adv. RG. 131
Abash, v. a. Alys. 224
Abate, v. a. == put an end to, make to cease. RG. 54. Fr. abattre
-- v. n. == cease from doing a thing. RG. 447
Abay, v. a. == drive to bay. Alys. 3882
Abbess, sb. RG. 370
Abbey, sb. RG. 369
Abbot, sb. RG. 376, 447
Abece, == ABC. RG. 266
Abed, adv. RG. 547
Abelde, v. n. == become bold. Alys. 2442
Abenche, == on a bench. St. Kath. 91
Abide, v. n. == remain, tarry. RG. 382. AS. bidan
-- v. a. == wait for, hence receive. RG. 265, and 302, pret. 'abade.' Ps. xxxix. 2
Abie, v. a. == pay for, pay the penalty for. [abigge] 1624. B. pret. 'abou?te.' 58 B. 'abid.' O. and N. 1775. AS. a-bicgan. See Phil. Soc. Proc. vol. v. p. 33
Abite, v. a. == bite. Alys. 7096
Ablende, v. a. == make blind. RG. 208
Aboht, part. == bought. Wright's L. P. p. 103
About, adv. == round about (of locality). RG. 369; 'eode aboute' 76 B.
-- 'about to,' with a verb, as a future part. 1593 B.
-- == nearly. RG. 247
-- prep. == around, circum. RG. 467; [obout]. Ps. lxxvii. 28
-- == near (of time), 'aboute noon.' Wright's L. P. p. 34
Above, adv. 266 B.
-- prep. O. and N. 1492
Abow, v. a. == make to bend. RG. 46. pret. 'abuyde.' RG. 476
-- v. n. == bow, 3s pres. 'abueth.' RG. 193. part. 'abouynde.' RG. 302
Abowes, sb. == patron saints. RG. 475. Fr. avoues
Abraid, v. a. == open. O. and N. 1042. AS. abredan
Abroad, adv. RG. 542
Abrode, adv. == breeding, lit. 'on brood.' O. and N. 518. Fragm. on Seven Sins, v. 34
Abusse, v. a. == ambush, conceal. 1382 B.
Abuten, prep. == without (sine). M. Ode, st. 43
Ac, conj. == and, but. RG. 367
Acast, part. == disappointed. Pol. S. 149
Accord, v. a. == reconcile. RG. 388
-- v. n. == agree. RG. 388
-- sb. == agreement. RG. 388, 447
Account, v. n. == render an account or reckoning. Pilate 86
-- sb. == reckoning. 164 B. Sermon, st. 24
Accurse, v. a. RG. 296, 474
Accuse, v. a. RG. 523. part. 'acoysing,' == accusing or accusation. Alys. 3973
Acele, v. a. == seal. RG. 510. See Asele
Ache, sb. == smallage or water-parsley. Wright's L. P. p. 26. Fr. ache
Ache, v. n. RG. 240 pret. 'ok.' RG. 208
Acoled, == cooled. O. and N. 215
Acomber, v. a. == encumber. Alys. 8025
Acopede, == accused. See Aculp

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