Science Mysteries Time Travel Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Consciousness

Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Consciousness

Pyramids of Montauk : Explorations in Consciousness
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Author Name Peter Moon & Preston Nichols


Pyramids of Montauk:
Explorations in Consciousness

by Preston Nichols
with Peter Moon

Pyramids of Montauk unveils the mysteries of Montauk Point and its select location for pyramids and time travel experimentation. An astonishing sequel to The Montauk Project and Montauk Revisited, this chapter of the legend awakens the consciousness of humanity to its ancient history and origins through the discovery of pyramids at Montauk. Their placement on sacred Native American ground opens the door to an unprecedented investigation of the mystery schools of Earth and their connection to Egypt, Atlantis, Mars and the star Sirius.

Preston Nichols continues to fascinate with an update on covert operations at Montauk that includes the discovery of a nuclear particle accelerator on the Montauk base and the development of new psychotronic weapons.

Pyramids of Montauk propels us far beyond the adventures of the first two books and stirs the quest for future reality and the end of time as we know it.

    Table of Contents


    Part I by Peter Moon
    1 Return to Montauk
    2 A question of Ownership
    3 The Montauk Trial
    4 The Investigation Is Underway
    5 Pyramids Discovered
    6 The Montauk Mistrial
    7 The Montauk Tribe
    8 The Deed is Found
    9 The Montauk Shaman
    10 Turtle Cove
    11 Montauk and the Grid
    12 The Mystery Schools
    13 The Morphogenetic Grid
    14 Pharaohs of Scotland
    15 Pharaoh & Ancient Wisdom
    16 Tahuti
    17 A History of Mars
    18 Martian Legacy
    19 Lost Wisdom
    20 Phrees and Catholics
    21 A Short World History
    22 The Nazi's Darkest Hour
    23 Ian Fleming and the British Connection
    24 Montauk Defined
    25 Priest of Mentu
    26 The Book of the Law
    27 The Sirians
    28 Is a God to Live in a Dog?
    29 Babylon
    30 Requiem

    Part II by Preston B. Nichols
    31 The Montauk Underground
    32 The Mystery Bottle
    33 The Montauk Boys
    34 Montauk Transmissions
    35 The Particle Accelerator
    36 The Time Lien
    37 Epilogue

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding,
photos, diagrams and illustrations.

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