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Secrets of the Vatican

Secrets of the Vatican
Catalog # SKU1409
Publisher TGS Publishing
Weight 1.00 lbs
Author Name Douglas Sladen


Secrets of the Vatican
Facsimile Edition

Douglas Sladen

This is scanned facsimile of the original book printed in 1911. We make no apologies for the stray marks, occasional lines, or for the quality of the pages herein. It was a great task, taking hundreds of hours to scan and prepare this book for reprint. The original pages were yellowed with age and very brittle. It demanded tedious care to extract the original pages and not tear them as they were worked for this reprint. The original tiny text was enlarged in this edition for easier readability. Contains over 60 images.


370+ pages - 10.5 x 8 inches SoftCover


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