As Above So Below Magic Heaven Sent Money Spells

Heaven Sent Money Spells

Heaven Sent Money Spells
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Author Name Maria D' Andrea
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Heaven Sent
Money Spells

Divinely Inspired for Your Wealth

Maria D' Andrea

I know of what I speak when I tell you she has always relied upon God's help for guidance and inspiration. Whether she is harnessing very traditional Christian sentimentalities or depending upon more paganistic stimulation, the gifted psychic always calls upon the Divine Creator for her most important inspirations.



She never strays far from the Lord for her wisdom and encouragement.

"There is," Maria states boldly, "a universal authority that can create abundance in our lives if only we know how to draw upon His intended power."

Yes each cloud does have a silver lining. It's just a matter of knowing how to get it to open for us and drop its contents into our lives.

Here are simple spells and rituals sent from Heaven which can turn around your life and bring you tremendous prosperity.

Take this book and follow its commandments. It will help bring you the prosperity and treasures you so rightly deserve.

Guaranteed just follow Maria's work in each and every way and abundance will be yours - perhaps sooner than you think!

Love, Peace, Prosperity
Timothy Green Beckley, Publisher


This book is a Light Worker's guide to utilizing ancient tools for modern times. As well as my own proven secret formulae.

The forces of nature are there to be worked with in a positive way.

Information has been passed down by word of mouth from the ancient wise known by titles such as magis, shamans, priestesses, elders, vitkis and sages.

Throughout every age and culture, there have been genuine practitioners of our higher inner circles who continue to work only on the positive Path of Divine Light.

God supplies our every need. If we haven't received prosperity (health, love, money, etc.), it is because our minds haven't connected correctly to the Divine Source yet.

Know the Self first and your true connection to the Oneness with God.

Your source is always within yourself, not from outward.

Keep your mind on changing negative to positive; love, truth, integrity, harmony, wisdom and abundance. Keep to your Higher Self, to Higher visions.

As these changes occur, the Law of Abundance will start to manifest and bring to you what your needs and desires are.

Your mind has to be on love, truth and peace to be unlimited. You are One with God and the indwelling Divine Power is what you need to be aware of.

Your job is to be aware, the rest (how, when, where, what will come in) is not in your hands. Trust that all will come.

Once you understand that Divinity manifests through you, you will be unrestricted in your prosperity.

295 pages - 8½ x 11 softcover

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