Secrets of the Popes

Secrets of the Popes
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Secrets of the Popes

by Arthur Crockett

An unusual collection of little known and hidden secrets of various popes throughout history.


The Great Popes

Levitation and Teleportation

The box no Pope Will Open

St Malachi's Prophecy of the Popes

The Strange Story of Pope Joan

Pope Benedict XIV Wrote the book on MIracles

Miracles recent and Ancient.



Every week the faithful flock to churches around the world to pray and seek guidance. To many it is a fruitless task with no real belief that the supernatural exists, or if it does, that it is possible God could have some positive effect on their lives. To the vast majority, going to church is a chore or a duty-something that is expected of them. They fail to realize that their religion is a living, breathing, entity that is more alive today than it has ever been before.

To an extent, the reason for such a rationalization is steeped in church doctrine itself. Many priests and ministers fail to convey the message that the supernatural powers of the Lord are as real now as they were in the times of the Old and New Testaments. God is not some far off bearded "father figure" we can never get to see. Instead, he is as real as you and I, and if we open our heart to Him, He can touch our very soul. As the book amply illustrates, God works His miracles in many ways. We have only to keep our eyes and minds tuned in to Him in order for Him to come to assist us. The holiest of mystics-the Saints and the Popes-all realized this fact, and thus, were able to communicate with the Lord whenever it proved necessary. Their God has never been an impersonal God-they have always been able to obtain an audience with the creator as desired.

Unfortunately, a great deal of this truth has always been hidden from the general public for fear they would either not know how to handle it, or that they would use this power for wrongful purposes. The records of the church are clear. There is ample documentation which can be had by those who are willing to dig. This book cuts aside the veil of secrecy and reveals the little known mystical details of the lives of the Popes and the Saints; details that should not have been kept secret from those who are truly looking to be spiritually inspired.

Some of the stories you will read in this book are utterly astounding, a few might be scary, while all are totally absorbing. If nothing more, we know that they will enrich your faith and fill you with the realization that with God all things are possible!

Timothy Green Beckley

Softcover, 8 x 11", 58+ pages
Perfect-Bound illustrated


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