Secret in the Bible

Secret in the Bible
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The Secret in the Bible

The lost history of the Giza Plateau and how Temple priests of the Great Pyramid preserved the evidence of life beyond death

by Tony Bushby

The Secret in the Bible
Tony Bushby

The lost history of the Giza Plateau and how Temple priests of the Great Pyramid preserved the evidence of life beyond death

"Powerful evidence of a Higher Intelligence"
Brother Phillip, St. Leonards Monastery, Australia

Death Had Forgotten Them

Ancient Egyptian priests recorded that 'Gods of the First Time' revealed to them the nature of the afterlife and the keys of mastering death, and exquisite information on the nature of the afterlife. That cherished insight was guarded with utmost secrecy and revealed only to selected members of the Mystery Schools by a long process of Initiation.

In later times, high initiates secreted the essence of the sacred Secret into the Bible and developed a series of ciphers that enabled them to unlock the hidden Wisdom to be unlocked and reinstated to the modern world in another era.

Now for the first time in contemporary history, this book fully reveals that exalted knowledge, providing a new and fascinating insight into the extraordinary "Secret of the Dead", and totally explains why the Holy Bible was always considered a divine book.

'A magnificent corpus of supportable new material that is simply stunning in it's concept.'
Dr. H.H. Mohesen Shebeb, Biblothecca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt

'Truly, an impressive personal initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries and a detailed explanation of the inner workings of Ancient Secret Scoieties.'
Brother Stefan L. Williamson, A Mystical Order of the Rosie Crosse, (AMORC), Santa Monica

'An elevated concept, expert knowledge, and a name to watch.'
Rabbi Simeon, Order of the Temple, Hackensack, New Jersey. USA

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Matters of Confidentiality

To provide the new information presented in this book, the author was obliged to comply with two separate secrecy agreements specifically established to contain the release of 'sensitive information'. Therefore, some insights were not directly divulged, the main one being the 'seven things' said to have existed before the creation of the world. The Rosicrucians called them the Seven Unspeakable Secrets and the 'Legends of the Craft' or Freemasonry originally referred to them as Seven Steps of the Winding Stairs. However, ancient rabbinic tradition openly maintained that the Torah was one of those 'seven things' and the extraordinary Secret it holds made it greater than the combination of the other six secrets. The other delicate issue was the true extent of subterranean chambers below the sands of the Pyramid Plateau at Giza. Nevertheless, previously undisclosed information about the Bible, Solomon's Temple, the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx is publishable outside secrecy agreement commitments and that wisdom is revealed in this book.

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The Soul's Secret

In each of the sixteen chapters of this book, one special word is written with something different about its presentation. Those words are NoT misprints or typing errors, but are intentionally altered or 'coded' to spell out a special message. Those persons who search and record them in the order presented will find revealed a deep ancient secret that rests below the pages of the Bible; a deeper secret than what is openly revealed in this book.

That sixteen-worded sentence was extracted from the ancient Book of God, a mysterious old document written on a fabric of an unknown nature, and highly regarded by the Ancients thousands of years ago.

The 'coded' clues are called Words of Truth' and there is no glamorous earthly prize for their discovery, excepting hidden treasure to nourish the Soul. A special page is provided towards the end of this book to record each particular word upon its discovery.


Matters of Confidentiality
The Soul's Secret
  1. The known existence of a Secret
    The secret books of the Essenes
    What was so special about the Bible?
    The Bible of ancient Egypt
    The Pyramid and the Bible
    The importance of the Torah

  2. The Mystery Schools; Keepers of the secret knowledge
    The House of the Panthers
    Initiation processes
    It all started in Egypt
    The secret operations of God
    The Pyramid connection
    Candidates 'buried' alive
    Great women initiates
    The decline of the Mystery Schools
    The 'Golden Age'

  3. 'Humans, Gods and the dead'
    The Gods of Egypt
    An anomaly in the Book of Genesis
    Humans, but not human
    A description of the gods
    Giants on Earth
    The Line of the Mortal race
    Three gods in one
    Egyptian 'Magicians'
    Summary of the gods

  4. Bible written specifically to preserve the Secret
    What was really on Mt Sinai?
    The books of Moses unhistorical
    The author of the Torah
    They found a mysterious old book
    How the Torah came into being
    Where are the missing books of the Bible

  5. Why Jesus stole the Torah

  6. Egyptian Mystery secrets ciphered into New Testament
    Concealing special messages
    What the Mystery Schools knew about Jesus
    Jesus in the Shakespearean Plays
    Solving the riddle of Solomon's Temple

  7. The lost history of the Pyramids
    The Pyramid Builders
    The missing pyramid
    The discovery of curious objects
    Other pyramids
    Ancient descriptions of the Great Pyramid
    Symbols once carved on Great Pyramid
    Multi-coloured pyramids
    The destruction of extraordinary structures
    Strange construction processes at Giza
    Just what is the Great Pyramid?
    Inside the Sphinx
    The head of the Sphinx
    Two Babylons

  8. Under the sands of Giza
    Headline news
    Official denials
    Ever burning lamps

  9. The golden Book of Thoth
    The house of the Alexandrian librarian

  10. The Bible of the Gypsies
    The coded Psalm
    'Numbers begin at one and are made perfect at three'
    The Gypsy Secret
    The Divine Scale
    Identifying secret locations at Giza

  11. That celestial object
    The Great Pyramid Robbery
    Pharaohs retrieved capstone
    An intriguing little mystery
    Where is the Benben today?

  12. The letters of Light
    The Serpent God at Giza
    The invisible many-coloured bird
    Dazzling colours and their importance
    Application of the pyramid colours
    Strange forces operating in the Great Pyramid
    Inside the Benben
    Australian Aborigines knew the Secret
    The only Holy Book

  13. The road to Heaven

  14. The meeting with God

  15. The mystery book of the New Testament

  16. An ecstatic death
    Was the future predicted in the Bible?
    The secret of the Secret
    Death had forgotten them
    The Secret in the Tarot Cards
    The Holy Grail of Eternal Life

Words of Truth
The Master Plans

Softbound, 6 x 9, 348 pages


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