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Secret Power of Words

Secret Power of Words
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Secret Power of Words

Manifesting What You Say

Reginald G. Johnson, Ph.D.

Words are SPOKEN as rewards from those we love, or used as weapons to cause hurt. Words inspire us. They form an atomic link of spirit to the very Presence of God. They evoke the very presence of evil. They can bring either miracles or mayhem, love or lust, health or sickness, gratification or utter despair.

Words used as devotion to God have the power of redemption from ignorance. But, when used as lies, words have a strange way of making lies multiply, creating a series of destruction and confusion for all involved. As a nation and cosmic neighbor, we must be the truth bringers and see the light of God in each person and perceive this reality in our own thought atmosphere. Every thought creates our reality because thought is the highest form of prayer and those thoughts form words (mentally first), then verbally, where they have power to "create." Your first unspoken conversation with yourself moves what many call God consciousness, or Christ consciousness to the next level of physical, concrete reality. I heard someone say that we came from a Creator and thereby have the ability to create.


Words have always been used as a tool for creation. If you have ever read the Bible, you may have noted something very interesting in the Book of Genesis and in the New Testament which tells about the creation of our present earth. When the earth was void and without form, the power that we now call God existed as a vapor (spirit, life force, or energy) full of potential, just waiting to differentiate into liquid and solid form that we now know as our daily reality. How did God create the world of dense matter? Through the creative power of words!

First, was the word, and the word was with God. The spoken word was used to manifest atmosphere, bodies of water, water creatures, lush foliage and trees, birds, animals and human flesh. This could have happened instantaneously or it could have happened over a period of thousands of years, but the point is that the spoken word made things happen. Words are the powerful, creative forces by which "something-ness" was brought forth from nothingness. Each thing the spoken word created was given the ability to continue the creative process by reproducing in like kind, but humans were a cut above.

Being made in the image of God, humans could continue the creative process in the same manner as God - by speaking things into existence. From this account of creation, we realize that words contain powerful vibrations. For example, in Genesis 1:3 "And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light." With no other tools or building materials, the Creator engineered the very world we live in and the planet we live on by speaking it into existence. Many people do not realize that humans also have the Divine ability to speak and create. For that reason, we take our words for granted. The creation story in the first book of the Bible gives us clues as to who we are, what we are able to do and how to become aware of, or in tune with our own elemental nature. We are co-creators with God! Hold onto your seatbelts because there's more.

There is one scripture many folks would rather not deal with because it calls us to be responsible for everything we create. Many devout and faithful folks want to avoid Genesis 1:26 which says "Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over all the earth.'" Rule over the earth? That means to be responsible for everything that goes on here and to give an account to God. That means we are responsible for our own lives and everything we create with our words, thoughts and deeds. We play a major role in the preservation of nature and the spiritual evolution of the planet. We are responsible for nurturing and tending to the entire creation.

Most of all, we are responsible for the outcome of our own lives. We have God's nature within us and have the spiritual "atoms" of the Creator of the Universe within our own DNA. We, as children of God, should be constantly evolving in consciousness to a more purified structure; more and more in tune with the Divine. If God "said" to create, then what you are daily "saying" is creating circumstances and purposeful events in your own life. If we create what we do not want by our "speaking", should we blame God? No, nor should we blame anyone else. We are responsible for our own words and the results they create.

About the Author

Reginald G. Johnson ("Dr. Reggie") is a powerful spiritual leader and speaker who walks his talk. He has appeared on television and radio including 97.1 FM and 93.1 FM in Los Angeles, California and was the official resident spiritual consultant for radio station 103.5 FM in San Bernardino, California. His classroom teaching, speaking and writing has inspired many to look deep within t to discover new strength and spiritual resolve donning him as a "soul coach" and "Prophet of the 21st Century."



Chapter 1 Words-The Broadcaster of the Unformed Universe

   Getting a Clear Signal
   Activating the Broadcast Channel
   Jesus and His Use of Words
   The Subconscious Mind

Chapter 2 Blessing and Cursing
   The Benediction
   A Formal Blessing
   Prayer For The White Man
   Jesus Cursed a Fig Tree
   Binding and Loosing

Chapter 3 Say the Magic Word
   Moses and His Magic Wand
   Invocation to Auriel
   Invocations to Gabriel
   Invocations to Archangel Michael
   How Words Are Charged with Power
   Songs are words too!
   Symbols Have Power

Chapter 4 The Power of the Written Word
   The Internet
   Distance Learning
   Freedom of Speech
   Personal Notes and Greeting Cards

Chapter 5 The Power of Prayer
   The Healing Power of Prayer
   Massive Prayer
   Ancient Sanskrit Mantras and Power
   Praying in Tongues

Chapter 6 The Impact of Words on Others
   Collective Consciousness
   The Power of Our Words on Animals

Chapter 7 The Impact of Your Words Upon Your Life
   I Talk To Myself
   Who Are You?
   Words Used for Soul Development

Chapter 8 Affirmations
   "I can" Affirmations
   "I will" Affirmations
   "I Am" Affirmations
   General Affirmations
   Affirmations With a Specific Purpose
   Affirmations for Abundance and Prosperity
   Affirmations for Working Well With Others

Chapter 9 What's in a Name?
   Adam Names the Animals
   The Name of Jesus
   We are One
   I am that I am
   Jesus Renamed the Disciples
   Witches Use A Magical Name

Chapter 10 Manifesting Success with Words
   Words To The Wise
   Hindrances to Manifesting What You Want



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