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Cosmic Patriot Files

Cosmic Patriot Files
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Author Name Commander X


Cosmic Patriot Files

Compiled by
"The Committee of 12 To Save The Earth"

Edited by
Commander X

Hundreds of topics are covered in this closely typeset --shrink-wrapped--set that has been specifically compiled for the student of New Age conspiracies. Meant for a select audience who needs to know the truth about these many hidden subjects.

From the Publisher:

A Few Words Of Encouragement
From Timothy Green Beckley

Its very difficult for me to jump to conclusions.

Before I take anything at face value I need some evidence that I am not being lied to or scammed. I try to take a positive approach to the news - to life in general.

Who wants to think that ever thing we hear from the conspiracy theorists is true?

Wouldn't we rather be a bit skeptical?

Perhaps even keep our eyes closed a wee bit, and our minds occupied with something more trivial. Perhaps some sort of sport we can watch on TV. Maybe a tabloid newspaper with Britney or Paris dressed in something a bit skimpy to take our minds off whatever the New World Order has in store for us next.

On the back cover we list only some of the topics to be found within these pages - topics like the hidden intelligence war between the CIA, the FBI and the military-industrial complex.

The fact that there may already be bases on the Lunar and Martian surfaces.

Why our beloved President Kennedy was assassinated.

A look at the mystical significance of the layout of Washington and the placement of the Washington Monument, the Pentagon and actual streets and other geographical locations.

The buzz is that the Mason's had something to do with this setup - and their purpose may not have been all that benevolent.

Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction.

And sometimes it's certainly more frightening.

Be careful!

From the Back Cover:

Included are such intriguing topics as: * Founding of the Secret Order of the Illuminati. * Mystical significance of the layout of Washington, D.C., and the placement of the Washington Monument, the Pentagon and actual streets and other geographical locations. * Identification of global leaders involved in conspiracy to formulate a " New World Order-or "One World Government," and why they would want to do so. * Use of unmarked helicopters in keeping an eye on dissident citizens (including UFO witnesses). * Hitler's use of negative Occult influences and how these influences are still alive even today! * The responsibility for controlling the economy of the world. * The Great AIDS Cover-up revealed. * Activities of the "Brotherhood of Shadows" exposed. * Why Kennedy was shot.

Also: Air Force cadets brainwashed and forced to train utilizing psychokinetic powers. * Hidden intelligence war between the CIA, the FBI and military-industrial complex to develop free energy craft to remove " select few" from Earth in event of global disaster. * Martian and Lunar bases already established. * America's secret astronaut program-code named " Starfleet International." * Ramifications of Element 115. * Men in Black-Human? Alien? Robots? * Billy Meier and the Silence Group. * Psychiatrist threatened by Android from UFO, and MUCH, MUCH, more.

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 150+ pages

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