Jumpin Jehovah

Jumpin Jehovah
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Jumpin' Jehovah

Exposing the Atrocities
of the Old Testament God

by: Paul Tice

Jumpin' Jehovah
Exposing the Atrocities
of the Old Testament God

Author: Paul Tice

Was Jehovah a criminal? Was he psychotic? In the realm of the gods, was Jehovah just a renegade punk gone wild? Once you read this book, your views on God will never be the same. Jehovah is stripped bare of his fabricated benevolent "godliness" and we discover an entity with no sense of ethics, forgiveness, or compassion. He delighted in roasting people alive and tormenting his followers in a variety of creative ways.

So why is he worshipped as God?

Tice reveals how Jehovah conned and bullied his way to the top of the godly heap. He then maintained his standing through threats and coercion-and when that didn't work, he did what any mentally deranged god would do: he just moved in and killed people.

Was Jehovah a god, or a demon?

Why did Jehovah never promise a heaven or any kind of reward to his followers?

Does any entity that murders thousands of devoted followers deserve to be worshipped?

Today, Jehovah is no longer around, demanding to be worshipped. He has stopped punishing people in terrible ways, so it's probably safe to buy this book.

Softbound, 104 pages

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