Money Economics Frauds in Money Banking, Currency, and the Money Trust

Banking, Currency, and the Money Trust

Banking, Currency, and the Money Trust
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Banking, Currency,
and the Money Trust

Charles A. Lindbergh

The market prices of commodities vary from day to day and often several times a day. This occurs when there is no radical difference in the proportion of the supply and the natural demand. This fact is conclusive proof that our system is controlled by manipulators and fundamentally wrong. I have sought to elucidate this problem within this volume and have suggested a plan which if adopted would make the people the master of the world, instead of the present master-THE MONEY TRUST.

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We shall study conditions that are quite ordinary and show their relations to others that are extraordinary and not generally understood. I have examined and know about the subjects to which we shall give our thoughts, and if a majority will join me in these considerations, I am certain that within a very short time we shall all understand much more clearly the present conditions, and learn to make the best use of the advantages that are common to all mankind. We shall also discover the reason for their being daily neglected. We shall not be able, in a short study to cover the entire field, but it will present to us such things as are not commonly known to exist. Some of us have suspected that conditions exist about which we know very little or nothing, but the most of us have looked calmly on and decided eventually that there was something wrong. What is it? Our studies will tell.

The fact that I am a congressman and seeking to force these matters before Congress for correction will cause me to be publicly censured for exposing the nature of affairs of certain interests which have been prospering for a long time by appropriating the products of our toil. Numerous fires have been and will continue to be set under me by those who are selfishly interested in maintaining the present Money Trust, which not only includes many of the greatest bankers, but all others, in whatsoever business, who are beneficiaries of the system. As well as the political bosses subservient to the great interests. Of course they know that when the public once realizes how outrageously it has been, and is being, fleeced it will not permit it any longer, and they resort to desperate and tricky methods in their attempt to force me out of public office, because they realize that in my present position I have an excellent opportunity to direct public attention to the truth relating to the practices of the banks and other special interests.

It is a well-known fact that in forcing through Congress the investigation of the Money Trust, I laid bare one of their innermost secrets, even though the investigating committee was composed of men selected by them after the interests were unable to prevent the passage of a resolution to investigate. But regardless of this fact, the environment surrounding the committee's work forced out facts which will aid in ultimately exposing the whole piratical system, This seems to them to be the great offense that I have committed, and therefore they do all that they can to weaken me before the public. Already by means of their agents, they have begun to spread stories.

These stories they wish the people to unwittingly peddle from one to another. Underhandedly they start one or more falsehoods in each locality and hope that by the time these are peddled among my constituents enough of them will be believed to be true so that each voter shall find something to which he objects. In that way they hope that at least a majority of the voters can be secured who will vote against me. That is a scheme that is in operation, and for the same reason a certain portion of the press was subsidized to oppose me, Newspapers print scurrilous articles and others in the same employ copy them. Some articles are inserted which contain a few complimentary words about me for having done some unimportant thing, but these are diplomatically inserted in order to impress the reader with the idea that the editor is impartial. The impression is what they rely upon to give the color of truth to the opprobrious and derogatory matter.

My fight against graft in politics and special privileges in business has not resulted in my landing in a bed of roses. The public has seen that and I knew from the start that I would have to fight every inch of the way as well as pay my own expenses, while those who opposed me, and consequently my plan, would have their campaign and other expenses paid, including other advantages which would be extended them. I observe, for instance, that the stand-pat Senators and Representatives, all of whom are more or less under the domination of the special privileges, and stand-patters generally have received recognitions and courtesies from the Administrations that have been absolutely refused to me. All sorts of dishonest and unfair means have been resorted to in order to injure me, while, on the other hand, every kind of deception has been used in the attempt to make the public believe that the Senators end Representatives who have supported the special interests were all right.

This fight has not been easy nor has it been personally profitable tome from a financial standpoint. My purpose in calling attention to these facts is, that almost everyone who undertakes to establish reforms, that involve substantial property rights or personal privileges, receives the knocks and the least material reward. Further, the attacks made upon them by the special interests often mislead the public. That, of course, is the real purpose of the attacks, and every person must endure them who assails with vigor the system under which the special interests are able to levy tolls upon us for their maintenance.

Lest there might be some misunderstanding, I wish the real attitude of the bankers on this subject of Money Trust be known.

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