Discovery of Witches

Discovery of Witches
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Author Name Matthew Hopkins, Witch-finder
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Discovery of Witches

Answer to Severall Queries, Lately
Delivered to the Judges of Assize for the
County of Norfolk.

For The Benefit of the whole Kingdome.

Matthew Hopkins

Certaine Queries answered, which have been and are likely to be objected against MATTHEW HOPKINS, in his way of finding out Witches. The handbook for determining who among us are witches and who are not.

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Querie 9.

Beside that unreasonable watching, they were extraordinarily walked, till their feet were blistered, and so forced through that cruelty to confesse, &c.


It was in the same beginning of this discovery, and the meaning of walking of them at the highest extent of cruelty, was only they to walke about themselves the night they were watched, only to keepe them waking: and the reason was this, when they did lye or sit in a chaire, if they did offer to couch downe, then the watchers were only to desire them to sit up and walke about, for indeed when they be suffered so to couch, immediately comes their Familiars into the room and scareth the watchers, and heartneth on the Witch, though contrary to the true meaning of the same instructions, diverse have been by rusticall People, (they hearing them confess to be Witches) mis-used, spoiled, and abused, diverse whereof have suffered for the same, but could never be proved against this Discoverer to have a hand in it, or consent to it; and hath likewise been un-used by him and others, ever since the time they were kept from sleepe.

Softcover, 5½ x 8½ , 28 pages
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