Tales of Power

Tales of Power
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Tales of Power

by Carlos Castaneda

His legend and his power have grown throughout two generations, in five astonishing volumes. In this landmark work, the legendary don Juan concludes the instruction of Castaneda with his most powerful and mysterious lessons in the sorcerer's art. It is a dazzling series of visions that are at once an initiation and a deeply moving farewell.


Page 141

"But what's creativity then, don Juan?"

He stared at me, squinting his eyes. He chuckled softly, lifted his right hand over his head and twisted his wrist with a sharp jerk, as if he were turning a door knob.

"Creativity is this," he said and brought his hand with a cupped palm to the level of my eyes.

It took me an incredibly long time to focus my eyes on his hand. I felt that a transparent membrane was holding my whole body in a fixed position and that I had to break it in order to place my sight on his hand.

I struggled until beads of perspiration ran into my eyes. Finally I heard or felt a pop and my eyes and head jerked free.

On his right palm there was the most curious rodent I had ever seen. It looked like a bushy-tailed squirrel. The tail, however, was more like a porcupine's. It had stiff quills.

"Touch it!" don Juan said softly.

I automatically obeyed him and ran my finger on its soft back. Don Juan brought his hand closer to my eyes and then I noticed something that threw me into nervous spasms. The squirrel had eyeglasses and big teeth.

End excerpt.

Softbound, 5.25 x 8.25 , 295 pages

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