Sacred Magic

Sacred Magic
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Sacred Magic

William Alexander Oribello


As we stand at the threshold of the 21st century, we learn by observation that some things never change: Nearly every human being is still asking the eternal questions of, " Where did I originate? What is my purpose in life? Nhat reality awaits me in the unknown, beyond my present life? How can I control my own life in relation to outside influences?"

Some answers to these, and other questions will be found within the pages of "Sacred Magic". One book of paper and ink cannot possibly contain all wisdom. However, such a book as this will serve as a springboard to awaken certain potent faculties, hidden within the esoteric structure of every living creature, in all time, space and dimensions.

Several thousand years ago, one of the oldest religions in the world was about to become established, an Ancient Religion of Magic was founded, in the part of our globe later known as Persia. A man known as Zoroaster founded this religion. Later, some of the keepers of his Esoteric Teachings migrated to the continent of Africa, and were known there as "the Medianites"

In the opening chapters of the Book of Exodus, we see how Moses was tutored in the Knowledge and Wisdom of Egypt. When Moses realized he was of Hebrew Origin, he tried to free his people. He failed and was exiled his from Egypt, banished to own fate as a drifter in the desert.


Since 1965, William Alexander Oribello has taught thousands of people how to improve their life in every way through the proper application of Mystical Sciences.

During childhood, he had many experiences which guided him to first hand encounters with both Inner Plane and Living Adepts of the Secret Wisdom.

Mr. Oribello has delivered thousands of lectures, and his writings have been studied by seekers of Truth around the world.

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 90+ pages
Perfect-Bound - large print

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