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Candle Burning Magic With The Psalms

Candle Burning Magic With The Psalms
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Candle Burning Magic
With The Psalms

Create Life's Greatest Blessings

William Alexander Oribello

This is a book of triple power. It combines a presentation of the magickal virtues within the 150 Psalms of the Holy Bible, the ancient art of candle burning and an unusual method of invoking the Divine Names of Power.



In order to gain the greatest benefit from this book, the reader is encouraged to proceed in the following manner. First, a practitioner of this work must keep his or her activities confidential. The reason for this is obvious when we realize that not all people believe in this work. One thing the practitioner does not need is to be discouraged by those who think negatively. One who seeks to improve oneself by these methods must practice with friends of like mind, and be silent about it while in the presence of those who do not believe.

The practitioner must also approach this work with confidence that the Higher Power, that we call God, will reward every sincere effort. Divine Mind, or God, does not accept only those of a formal religious persuasion, but all who have a sincere heart, regardless of formal religious affiliation or the lack of it, for the highest religion is to search for truth wherever you are. You are the living Temple of God, and the whole universe is your kingdom.

Finally, let the practitioner of this sacred art maintain a positive mental attitude. Do not try too hard to believe; simply perform your work in a relaxed condition, knowing that you are doing something of value that will bring positive results into your life. Whenever you finish your work, go about your daily routine with a calm attitude of expectancy - until the next session. Constant efforts with simple faith are stepping stones to success in any type of effort.

The information in this book is divided into three sections which combine to form a profound magickal art of triple potency.

The first section reveals the art of preparing candles to attract desired conditions, and to repel unwanted conditions.

The second section reveals an unusual technique to invoke the power of the Divine Names, associated with the magickal power of the Book of Psalms.

The third section reveals the purpose for each of the Psalms and how to use them with the unique methods of the first two sections. As a matter of convenience, we have included all the Psalms from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

And now may your every effort be crowned with abundant success as you embark on your journey into the realm of Bible Magick.

185 pages - 8½ x11; softcover

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