Deon Chronicles

Deon Chronicles
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Deon Chronicles

The Absolute Truth
About Life After Death

David H. Lewis
Author of
Mysteries of the Pyramid

This book is one of many written by this world renowned author, who in more recent years has turned his research toward those appendices of Science that uncover the unknown of God and His Universe. TGS has held back on publishing this book for a couple of years. It will upset those who are 'too' comfortable in their 'religion' whether it be Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc.

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Numerous religious writings throughout human history have victimized the masses with premeditated delusions of God and His Laws. More authors than dare be counted, have consistently exploited and flaunted satanic theories and misconceptions on Heaven, Hell and Christianity, yet they have never had any experience on the Planes of Heaven, nor have they strayed one iota from guide lines set forth by the Roman/Babylonian Papacy. Heaven has always been those exotic realms where "Jesus" reigns, while God remains the mythical head of that kingdom. Some of these nit-wits, authors and False 'teachers of righteousness' dwell only on Salvation through "Jesus Christ," thus seriously inflicting into the minds of most Christians, a Satanic form of nonsense that becomes irresistible and inescapable.

These spiritual procrastinants and hypocritical teachers of righteousness, so thoroughly endowed with self-hypnotic "headus-rectumitis" have programmed more delusions into the minds of the masses than even Satan dreamed possible! Unfortunately, Christians have blindly accepted all doctrinal concepts of the Papacy and contented themselves with every conceivable form of paganism known to Satan and man. Of this world's population, ninety percent have become members of the nit-wit clan of religious beliefs, or the modern Christian 'hallelujah syndromers.' Five percent remain satisfied with atheism since they can not stomach hallelujah trends; four percent are hiding under the skirts of skepticism and half-beliefs, nine tenths of one percent not caring one way or another, leaving the remaining one tenth of one percent as genuine Gnostics, who want to know Truth but do not know where to look The sad thing we face with all religious teachings is the fact that neither the self-proclaimed authorities, authors, preachers, or priests, know the first thing about God, His True Laws, His Kingdom, His Son Immanuel, the True Sabbath, Satan's Imperial Federation, or his enchanted chambers of horrors! An even sadder note to ponder is the fact neither minister, priest or theologian can even begin to explain the origin or religion, God's True Laws, how paganism got its start AND the fact that all Christian concepts stem from paganistic practices.

They can not relate the truth of Christmas or Easter, nor do they have the slightest suspicion what those two holidays really are. Of course their explanations would reveal the obvious, and that would be the farthest from Holy Truth.

In this massive display of ignorance, writers, clergy, priests and religious spokesmen constantly flaunt the name of "Jesus"; the "Born Again Christian"; "God in Three Persons"; the "Rapture" and the blessed Saints who watch over you. If anyone were to use one gram of common sense and three ounces of energy, they could verify this name, "Jesus" or "Christ") taught the Consciousness of God in man. The words "Jesus Christ" were words of mockery, or chant, by the Romans as the Christians were led to the lion's den or arena of death. I have stressed this fact mainly for one's education of God's True Religion, and that if one enters Heaven- the name, "Jesus Christ" cannot be uttered on the Planes of Heaven because DEMONICS can not be practiced in the Presence of God!

The Deon Chronicles contain many phases of esoteric knowledge to all who seek out Truth, and for those who have long sought answers of God, Immanuel, Heaven, Life Healing Energies, Religion, Death, the Soul Body, Satan, Hell, First and Second Judgements, the Akashic Records, Reincarnation, Animals and their souls. To some, interest may prevail in the translation of the Ten Commandments, Satan's Commandments, or the Paganistic Concepts no adopted in our religious beliefs.

Regardless of your interest, this book contains answers to those questions that heretofore have not been answered publicly. The Chronicles also contain more than 700 questions and answers, obtained from the Planes of heaven, that will enhance your knowledge until you master Astral Projection and continue where this book leaves off. You will find this unusual documentation to be mind boggling, controversial, entertaining, humorous, enchanting and even discriminatory toward preachers, priest and all hellelujahists, yet when you have completed this study, one will have to admit- it's all there for your absorption of Truth.

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400 pages - 8½ x 7 softcover

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