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Without Consent: Abduction The Sum Of Our Darkest Fears
Catalog #: SKU2076

Fear is a state of mind. . . and it is not uncommon for those who are touched by the unseen and the unknown to fear that which is not human or man made. guess that would include both UFOs and the occupants of these globes and saucers that come in the dead of night and remove the unsuspecting from their homes and their bedrooms and subject them to all manner of nightmare.

Worship of the Serpent
Catalog #: SKU0218

The Christ had preached a universal doctrine, a new revelation of the Good God, the Father over all. They who tried to graft this on to Judaism, the imperfect creed of one small nation, were in grievous error, and had totally misunderstood the teaching of the Christ. The Christ was not the Messiah promised to the Jews. That Messiah was to be an earthly king, was intended for the Jews alone, and had not yet come.

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