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Stars Are Still There, The

Stars Are Still There, The
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Author Name Stewart Edward White


The Stars
Are Still There

by Stewart Edward White

From the Author of The Betty Book, Stewart E. White's popular works have been included in our Historic Reprints: The Stars Are Still There ...

"Each will understand ENOUGH of it," said she. "An eight-year-old child will understand that his universe is obstructed. He'll recognize that because be bumps."

Excerpt 1:

All my life, since I grew old enough to, make my own living, I have done so as a professional writer. That means the publication of between forty and fifty volumes of fiction, history and travel, aside from more short stories and articles than I can remember. Therefore I have a fair idea of how the public reacts; and I know that when any book calls out, over a period of four years, an average of half a dozen letters a day, the letters themselves have significance as showing what people are thinking about. Such letters are a pretty accurate cross section of the general public's attitude toward the subject of that book. In this case the continuation of the individual in some sort of life after death. Immortality.

I said above that the letters have averaged half a dozen a day. That is over the years. In March, eighteen months after publication of the book I am talking about, I kept track. The average for that month was sixteen letters a day! While so fast and furious a pace has by now (mid-spring of 1945) slacked off, I still get them at the steady rate of about a hundred a month. These later letters continue to ask the same questions, voice the same bewilderments, seek the same hopes.

Excerpt 2:

What I have called the "war dead," the multitudes passing over from battle, are the bereavements that hit with the strongest impact. Yet actually they differ in no manner from any other loss by death. We are inclined to think more of their mass, their sheer weight of numbers, than of the fact that each carries its full of poignancy. Indeed, it may even be some small comfort to reflect that others are grieving too! And there is the sustaining glow and pride in sacrifice for a common cause. But each death on the battlefield is to some one the full measure of bereavement. We forget that. No matter in what manner we lose our dearest, we feel exactly the same grief. And the cry for help in the lone instance is often the more anguished because there seems to be no reason.

"Help me in my blind despair! I am a little on the side of feeling the things that are going to happen, and just six weeks ago I lost my husband and felt it all happening but couldn't tell what was going to happen. I am so sad and heartbroken. I feel I am losing faith and feel so very helpless. Can and will you write me something that would give me a lift to go on in this hideous world?"

Paperback, 5 x 8, 125+ pages

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