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Pioneers of the Aura

Pioneers of the Aura
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Pioneers of the Aura
Karen Mutton

I did not choose to write this book, it chose me. As neither a clairvoyant nor scientist, I had never considered writing a book about a scientific-metaphysical phenomenon. At the time I was making final revisions to my book 'T. Lobsang Rampa New Age Trailblazer' and working with the assumption that nobody was making any progress in aura research.

However, further investigations indicated that there were dozens of men and women who had studied and measured the aura , often encountering persecution and ridicule for their discoveries. It also became apparent that not only is aura research continuing today, but electronic devices which measure and photograph it have also been developed. These pioneers, whose discoveries should have revolutionised science, deserve to be acknowledged for their research and honoured for their amazing inventions.

There have been many books written about the aura, mainly by clairvoyants who possess no scientific education. There have also been technical papers about the electro-photonic properties of cells written by physicists, biologists and doctors whose research is generally inaccessible or incomprehensible to the public. However, very little has been written for the layman about all aspects of aura research, from the observations of clairvoyants to Kirlian photography and the electro-photonic properties of all organisms. This book hopefully fulfils the mission of discussing all aspects of aura and human energy field research in non scientific, non technical language.

'Pioneers of the Aura' is dedicated to those brave people, past and present, who have battled against ridicule and persecution from orthodox science and medicine. Undoubtedly their discoveries could revolutionise medicine, enabling disease to be diagnosed and treated without resorting to harsh drugs and radiation therapies. By merely consulting the aura, or human energy field, disease could be identified, and perhaps neutralised with suitable electromagnetic vibrations. It is probably the most promising healing modality for the twenty first century.

The human aura, or energy field, has been seen by clairvoyants of many cultures for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians called the subtle body the 'ka', a luminous entity which would separate from the physical body at the point of death. In the Old Testament, Moses was surrounded by a radiance after speaking with Yahweh on the mountain. Plato called this life energy 'nous' and Aritstotle called it 'entelecheia'. According to Pythagoras and Galen it was 'pneuma'. Early Christian saints were painted with four different aspects of the aura- the Nimbus, the Halo, the Aureola and the Glory. The first two surround the head, the Aureloa surrounds the entire body and the Glory combines all three.

In the east, Buddhist sages were also depicted with coloured haloes around their heads. These paintings usually denoted that the subjects were of a high level of spirituality and purity. Ancient Indian philosophy describes a life force which is called prana, and subtle astral bodies containing chakras and the Kundalini which are now fully integrated into the New Age lexicon. In the second half of the nineteenth century the Theosophist writers Leadbeater, Powell, Ouseley and Bailey popularised Indian esoteric religion, adding to our knowledge of the human energy field with its various bodies such as the etheric, astral and causal.

The concept of a universal life force was revived in Europe during the Renaissance by the physician Paracelsus. Centuries later it was studied as Animal Magnetism by Dr Mesmer and the Odic force by Baron Reichenbach. Well into the twentieth century this force was called Orgone by Dr Reich and bioplasma by Russian researchers.

The 'subtle energies', which had apparent healing properties but could not be measured by conventional instruments, were studied in the early twentieth century by researchers like Dr Abrams, Dr Drown and De la Warr. Other scientists like Dr Saxon Burr and Lakhovsky were studying the weak electrical life force of plants and cells while Dr Becker was discovering a pathway of transmission of the electrical energy field through the perineural system. Further research by Dr Nordestrom indicated that this electrical field was transported through the body via an invisible meridian system, validating ancient Chinese acupuncture theory which described Qi, the life force. Contemporary researchers, like Dr Motoyama and Peter Mandel have integrated these acupuncture meridians with modern technology to create innovative diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

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