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Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles

Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles
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The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles
Exploring the Strange Case of Alfred Bielek & Dr. M.K. Jessup

by Commander X

The Philadelphia Experiment Chronicles
Exploring the Strange Case of Alfred Bielek & Dr. M.K. Jessup
By Commander X

  • Time Travel
  • Teleportation
  • Alternative Energy
  • Anti-Gravity

In a highly classified project conducted by the United States Navy in 1943, a mega-ton destroyer- The U.S.S. Eldridge- was made invisible, teleported onto the blackness of another dimension; while its crew members were flung through time and space under horrifying circumstances. Most did not return and the few who did went instantly insane. Now a former military intelligence operative with "Capital Hill" connections ( who prefers to be known simply as "Commander X"), rips aside the years of official silence to reveal once and for all the startling facts about Philadelphia Experiment. Now for the first time, a survivor of this notorious experiment, Alfred Bielek, tells his remarkable story of a career of brainwashing by the military, and how he eventually came to unlock the mysterious facts about what happened to him decades ago. Also revealed is the case famed scientist Dr. Morris K. Jessup, who died under mysterious circumstances- though officially it was said to be a "suicide" -because he knew too much about the Philadelphia Experiment. Here also are stories of extraterrestrials, time travel, other dimensions, alternative realities, testing of " peculiar" anti-gravity airforms inside Area 51, as well as additional material involving this ongoing conspiracy that leads to the steps of the White House-and beyond!


Page 84
CROWLEY: When did you actually join the project?

BIELEK: Well, both my brother Duncan, and I joined together. My brother Duncan also received a Ph.D in physics from the University in Edinburg, Scotland, and together we entered a Naval officers training program in Providence, Rhode Island. After graduation, we were assigned to the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. In 1940, after the first successful unmanned experiment, we were transferred to the U.S.S. Pennsylvania. During this tour of duty, the ship was placed into drydock for repairs in Pearl Harbor. That was in October of 1941, and we took leave to San Francisco. The Office of Naval Engineering suddenly cut us new orders. We were told that Pearl was to be attacked by the Japanese and the government didn't want two men of our caliber to be on board. We continued our tour in San Francisco, shuffling papers until January, 1942, when we rejoined the Institute at Princeton.

CROWLEY: When did the project officially shift into a military operation?
BIELEK: It was when Duncan and I returned to the project in 1942 that it clearly became a military endeavor. The war was in full swing and the government was in hopes of creating invisible ships to sail by, unseen, and destroy enemy craft. The project fell under a series of military deadlines. A war was on, and the technology was needed right away. Tesla was extremely sensitive about the personnel involved and knew that the experiment was not ready for a manned operation. During the first manned test on board a battleship (donated by Roosevelt), in March of 1942, Tesla detuned the operation and of course it was a failure. Tesla was removed as chief of operations and replaced by Dr. John Von Neuman, who redesigned the approach. Tesla turned up dead ten months later in his hotel room in New York in January, 1943.

End Excerpt

Softbound, 6 x 9", 137 pages

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