TGS Authors W.T. Samsel Charlie Danger Trilogy - 3 book special

Charlie Danger Trilogy - 3 book special

Charlie Danger Trilogy - 3 book special
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Charlie Danger:
Private Detective

Three Book Trilogy
Large Print - 3 Book Special

W. T. Samsel

Book 1: Charlie Danger, Private Detective is a parody of the old 1950's detective stories. Charlie gets involved with a mysterious blonde bombshell and is dragged into the plot to build the New World Order. The dead bodies of our Founding Fathers start showing up, then bullets start flying and bombs start going off.

Charlie teams up with Shurelock Homes, John Wayne, Bruce Lee, Calamity Jane and Lassie. He encounters Willie Nelson, George Carlin, Patrick Henry, George Washington and Superman among others. He does battle with George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Al Gore and Ben Bernanke.

And who, disguised as Barney Fife, the Elephant Man, Ma and Pa Kettle, Ziggy Stardust, Mr. Moto, Julia Child and the Hunchback of Notre Dame; fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!

Large print 15 point font.


Book 2: Charlie Danger returns with his friend, Shurelock Homes. His new adventure picks up where the first left off and Charlie finds himself facing Professor Mariachi and his plans for the North American Union! Calamity Jane and Lassie join Homes and Danger in this, the most thrilling story yet!

Who blew up the Motel 6? Who kidnapped Ron Paul? Will our heroes survive the massacre at the battle of the AlaMode? Will they prevent Mariachi from disintegrating all the borders in the world? Who is Willie Phleye and how does he fit into all this? And what does Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones have to do with this caper?

Find out in the thrilling sequel of Charlie Danger, Private Detective! The book that's designed to entertain those who are awake and awaken those who don't have a clue!


Book 3: I intended SuperVision to be a commentary on the mass media programming of the American people as well as to depict the economic situation in a way that someone without a clue could conceive.

We are truly under economic attack! The circus in Washington is just that! The mainstream media is all about programming. The programs you view program you. They make you want this or want that, look this way or that, think this way or that.

It is the power to control populations, to make people believe, behave, or accept whatever is presented on the screen of a television set!

The mainstream media is a weapon being used to control and dumb-down the population even as they are raped financially, their rights and liberty trampled upon and America destroyed by design!

350+ pages - 7 x 8½ softcover 3 books

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