Beyond Reality Mysteries Explored Philadelphia Experiment And Other UFO Conspiracies

Philadelphia Experiment And Other UFO Conspiracies

Philadelphia Experiment And Other UFO Conspiracies
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Author Name Brad Steiger & Sherry Hanson Steiger


The Philadelphia Experiment

And Other
UFO Conspiracies

Brad and Sherri Steiger

From scientific data extracted from the "Philadelphia Experiment," as well as from information derived through Extraterrestrial sources: the military currently enjoys a remarkable acceleration of technology that is utterly "mind boggling," to the average person.

According to Alfred Bielek, who reveals his findings in THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT & OTHER UFO CONSPIRACIES, the following experiments have been successfully conducted:

* The CIA has all kinds of incredible technology that can work with an individual's genetic blue print and external matrix that flows around it. They can do physical age regression and progression, literally making an older person younger. One seaman died of "old age" in three days when he aged about a year an hour.

* Secret government agencies have the ability, to arrange new bodies for sods whose previous physical bodies have been pronounced dead or killed in mysterious "accidents."

* Energy forces have been created which, when unleashed, have caused great damage to lives and property. Such "electrical monsters," a dozen feet tall, recently caused "whirlwinds" that crushed homes throughout a section of Long Island.

* Time warps have been crossed, with "security forces" traveling backward and forward in time in a real life "Back to the Future."

* Individuals have been rendered "invisible," in experiments so bizarre as to be believed.

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