The Human Mind Sex/Erotica Fanny Hill : Memoirs of A Woman of Pleasure

Fanny Hill : Memoirs of A Woman of Pleasure

Fanny Hill : Memoirs of A Woman of Pleasure
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Author Name John Cleland


Fanny Hill

Memoirs of
A Woman of Pleasure

John Cleland

It may seem odd to many people that TGS HiddenMysteries would bring to print a book such as this. Yet, true to our goal of exploring and publishing those manuscripts that investigate 'Hidden Mysteries' into our planet and our race, this book covers a topic that indeed remains a mystery for most people.

Human sexuality, with all its intrigue and variants is a mystery that has confounded us since time began for mankind. We have been given a skewed picture of the history of this era-- the 18th and 19th centuries, when it comes to how we view those societies.

We get a false history of the people being Puritan prudish, where sex was shameful and only needed for procreation. It was not a prudish as we have been told. In reality, sex was viewed much more wholesomely, openly and honestly than even our modern era allows us today.

Through luck, the writings of authors like John Cleland, the Marquis de Sade, and Baron von Sacher-Masoch have survived the rape of time, and preserved for us a 'peeping tom' view of their era and society.

The language of the era was much more romantic, flowery, and descriptive, with additional vocabulary than you get in modern erotic books.

In these books the artful erotica of the artists have enticingly managed to survive time, book burners, censors, governments, and the ignoramouses of the clergies. We have included original drawings from an early edition of Fanny Hill and a few more from this same time period to give a bit of visual enhancement to the theme.

For most people even the Fanny Hill story is all they have gotten from a movie--- and movies can only be a small look into the whole story due to time constraints. Movies cannot replace the images that the human mind can draw, as the eyes read the words and the brain interprets the scenes.

We recommend that you read this book with an open mind, being willing to learn, rather than condemn. Remember in this book, people are not 'forced' into this sex-life style, but have willingly submitted as consenting adults.

Live and let live.

L. Savage
TGS Publishers


As he stood on one side, for a minute or so, unbuttoning his waist-coat and breeches, her fat, brawny thighs hung down, and the whole greasy landscape lay fairly open to my view; a wide open-mouth'd gap, overshaded with a grizzly bush, seemed held out like a beggar's wallet for its provision.

But I soon had my eyes called off by a more striking object, that entirely engross'd them.

Her sturdy stallion had now unbutton'd, and produced naked, stiff, and erect, that wonderful machine, which I had never seen before, and which, for the interest my own seat of pleasure began to take furiously in it, I star'd at with all the eyes I had: however, my senses were too much flurried, too much concenter'd in that now burning spot of mine, to observe any thing more than in general the make and turn of that instrument, from which the instinct of nature, yet more than all I had heard of it, now strongly informed me I was to expect that supreme pleasure which she had placed in the meeting of those parts so admirably fitted for each other.

Long, however, the young spark did not remain before giving it two or three shakes, by way of brandishing it; he threw himself upon her, and his back being now towards me, I could only take his being ingulph'd for granted, by the directions he mov'd in, and the impossibility of missing so staring a mark; and now the bed shook, the curtains rattled so, that I could scarce hear the sighs and murmurs, the heaves and pantings that accompanied the action, from the beginning to the end; the sound and sight of which thrill'd to the very soul of me, and made every vein of my body circulate liquid fires: the emotion grew so violent that it almost intercepted my respiration.

Excerpt 2

Thus we spent the whole afternoon till supper time in a continued circle of love delights, kissing, turtle-billing, toying, and all the rest of the feast. At length, supper was serv'd in, before which Charles had, for I do not know what reason, slipt his cloaths on; and sitting down by the bed-side, we made table and table-cloth of the bed and sheets, whilst he suffer'd nobody to attend or serve but himself. He ate with a very good appetite, and seem'd charm'd to see me eat.

For my part, I was so enchanted with my fortune, so transported with the comparison of the delights I now swam in, with the insipidity of all my past scenes of life, that I thought them sufficiently cheap at even the price of my ruin, or the risk of their not lasting. The present possession was all my little head could find room for.

We lay together that night, when, after playing repeated prizes of pleasure, nature, overspent and satisfy'd, gave us up to the arms of sleep: those of my dear youth encircled me, the consciousness of which made even that sleep more delicious.


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