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One Hundred Spiritual Secrets

One Hundred Spiritual Secrets
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100 Spiritual Secrets

Dr. Reginald G. Johnson Ph.D.

I believe that good things come in small packages. This small booklet, 100 Spiritual Secrets, was written to provide spiritual keys of power, prosperity and wisdom in a format for everyday use. These little spirit-filled "booster shots" will allow you to reawaken your faith in a power greater than yourself, of which you are a major part. You will use your own higher sensory perception (HSP), to understand that you are here on earth to make a difference.

Read these powerful truths over and over again whenever you need to "recharge your spiritual battery" and come to the realization of your "true self," which is made in the image and likeness of God. Use them as guidance cards by closing your eyes and turning to any page to find answers to your unique questions. Each person is special, intelligent and is awaiting his or her majestic destiny, whatever it may be, to manifest. In time, it will. God bless you always in this life as you travel this special road.


Pain in this life is the Universe allowing you
the opportunity for growth, and the
ability to handle difficulty.

Everything you experience has come to you for a reason.
Your soul may have manifested pain or difficulty
as a way to perfect virtue. Thankfully, there is an
easier way evolve. Affirm daily,
"I release the need to learn
my lessons through pain.
I chose to learn through joy and well-being

About Dr. Johnson:

When Reggie Johnson was four, his family members told him to stop what he was doing, as it was evil. His peers in school taunted him and called him a witch. What was he doing? Reggie was able to read people's minds and foretell the future. When he was a sophomore in high school, Reggie learned what he calls "the power of words." When he would say something, his intention would become a reality; quite a responsibility for a young man. At times withdrawn and confused, he turned to prayer and meditation, which further developed and honed his unique talents.

At the age of twenty-one, Reggie had a mystical experience that reassured him that his gift was from God, in spite of the misguided labeling by family and friends. This newfound insight propelled his quest for knowledge about metaphysics and theology and he pursued his gift wholeheartedly, earning an a B.S. in Life Sciences, an honorary doctorates from the University of Metaphysics and Stratford University in Washington, D.C.

Reggie has come a long way from a little boy being reprimanded for reading his mother's thoughts. His psychic and intuitive abilities have brightened the lives of people all over the world. Reggie's core message is that we should love each other, never judge, and never lose our wonder of magic in the world.

Softcover, 5.25 x 5.25", 100+ pages


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