Bible Spells

Bible Spells
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Obtain Your Every Desire by
Activating the Secret Meaning of
Hundreds of Biblical Verses

William Alexander Oribello

The idea behind Bible Magick is simple; all verses in the Bible are charged with spiritual energies. This power of creation is called "LOGOS," meaning "WORD." It is thought that God the Creator used the LOGOS to initiate creation. The Universe and everything within it are divine words that have solidified. You can imagine that they were once dissolved in the sound vibrations of the divine cosmic word. Each thing we see is a divine word become solid.

Everything that came into existence emerged from the Word. According to Rudolf Steiner, when we take these statements as literally as possible, it is easy to acknowledge the creative power of the Word or logos. LOGOS must not be translated as anything except word, because this passage means that the unspoken creative word underlies all external creation. The resounding word is the source of everything that exists. If we went back through the ages, we would hear all the objects and beings we now know as animals, plants, minerals, and humans resounding through cosmic space.

For centuries, people have been using the Holy Scripture to induce magickal principles. Some of this has come down to us in the magickal practices of Hoodoo and Folk magick.

The majority of these ancient techniques have been handed down from generation to generation strictly by word of mouth and little has actually ever been written down. Because of this, the secret of Bible magick has been kept within small groups scattered across the globe. Many have no idea that other practitioners of the ancient art even exist. The rise of evangelical Christianity has forced many Bible magick adepts to go underground, or even give up practicing altogether.

For a long time churches have taught that all magick is inherently evil and that anyone who practices it is to be condemned and possibly even put to death. This has little actually to do with a few verses in the Bible that speak against witches and diviners, and more to do with the churches power base that has held control over the people for centuries.

It is our divine right as children of Creation to understand and glorify the secrets of the Universe. God, the Creative force of reality has provided for us the powers of creation, handed down from the Eons in the form of words that resonate with the energies of Creation. Despite what the ministers, priests and imams have tried to suppress, the power of Creation is within all of us, and it is Gods will that we use these powers to comprehend and eventually rejoice with Him the ultimate beauty of Creation.

I have spent years tracking down and interviewing practitioners of Bible magick in order to compile this book. While some have refused my requests, others are eager to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Possibly for the first time ever, this ancient knowledge has been brought together in one comprehensive book.

The key to understanding Bible magick is to realize that every word, every verse in the Holy Scriptures can be used for magick spells. The techniques that I have compiled in this book are tried and true and have been used for centuries. However, once you understand the power behind these words, you are free to try your own spells using different verses not only from the Bible, but from other Holy writings that were excluded from the Bible, other religious and spiritual writings, as well as inspirational writings and even poems.

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