David H. Lewis Mysteries of the Pyramid

Mysteries of the Pyramid

Mysteries of the Pyramid
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Mysteries of the Pyramid!

By David H. Lewis

This is the book THEY?
did not want you to read!

other passages and rooms in the
Great Pyramid of Giza!

Modern technology, magnetics, sonar, radar, and imaging proves this! Archeologists, scientists, architects, and others realize that such a massive structure was not necessary to house the few passages and rooms available to the public.

Drilling operations have been performed substantiating the existence of other rooms! ~ (PROOF HERE) ~

But, THEY will not allow anyone to explore these areas.

During the 1970's the son of a Baptist minister found the entrance on the South side of the Pyramid, which was discovered more than 2000 years ago by Strabo, the famous Roman geographer. Modern theorists simply remark that Strabo's South entrance was an error, that he must have been on the North slope. Forget the fact that he was a geographer and map maker... forget the fact that he knew the sun rose in the East!

Six expeditions were made into the South Slope entrance in the 1970's, uncovering more than THEY want you to know!

The author and leader of the expeditions attempted many times to get his book published in the U.S. Each time the publisher was excited and willing to print the material...however a few visits from the feds, the IRS, and through other tactics -- they declined to publish this manuscript.

The author, before his untimely and sudden death, did self-publish a few copies.

Is this book fact or fiction? The judgement call is up to you...I for one believe virtually every word of this stunning revelation and that it was withheld from the public. ~(WebMaster's Notes)~

Thanks to Al Bielek, the survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment, a few photocopies remain of this book today. Al Bielek states that this book and the information are factual and genuine! He has said that Anwar Sadat was assasinated for his involvement with these expeditions. In fact, every person on those expeditions have died suddenly under mysterious circumstances, says Al Bielek. ~(Bielek's Notes)~

This book brings forth the true story of our creation from the secret depths of the Pyramid -- who built it, why and how it was built. Historical records of the planet for 576,000 years are preserved in the Great Pyramid. Even the machinery which built this collosal wonder of the world is preserved in pristine condition within its secret vaults. With real life 'abbra cadabbra' tales, this book keeps you in wonderment inside its revealing contents.

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Every one of its original 208 pages were scanned and carefully corrected, matching the original as closely as possible, to make available this remarkable story!

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