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Naughty Hot Nun

Naughty Hot Nun
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Naughty Hot Nun

R.T. Masters


As the sex and pedophile scandals rock the Catholic and Protestant worlds one has to wonder if these erotic tales of the church were more than just fictions!These British erotica books were seldom distributed in America. With impassioned cries of righteousness, certain segments of society are perpetually seeking to foist their ideas of moral indignation on the rest. As a result, many people with normal human drives become pressured into thinking that their needs and wants are perverted.

Who sets these people up as the rule makers? Usually it is the feeling in every one of us that there has to be some kind of order to our lives, that there must be a definitive right way which means there must be a definitive wrong way, as well.

But are these moral enforcers not also human?

NAUGHTY HOT NUN is the story of Sister Angela, a young nun seeking her own niche in a repressive environment. Her relationships within the convent school provide an insight into the acts and ideas that strike such a chord of moral indignation in society today.



Sister Angela woke up shivering. It had grown cold in the meeting room. Glancing at the wall clock, she saw with surprise that she'd been unconscious for nearly an hour. She got up and looked through the grille. There was the Reverend Mother, fully clothed, calm and composed, doing some paperwork.

Sister Angela shuddered with revulsion when she remembered what had happened. She dressed quickly, holding back her tears, and walked to the nun's dormitory to clean up before supper.

When she let herself into her tiny, plain cubicle, she threw herself across her narrow iron bed and began to cry bitterly.

Sister Paula was on her way down to the refectory when she heard the heart-rending sobs coming from Angela's room. The young blonde nun had always felt a special sympathy and attraction for the redhead, and when she tapped lightly on Angela's door and received no answer, she let herself in.

"There, there, Sister Angela," Paula soothed, kneeling down by the distraught woman, clasping her hand in her own, "It can't be as bad as all that!"

Sister Angela raised her red-rimmed eyes to Sister Paula and cried even louder, shaking with the pain and misery of what she had seen and done.

"Tell me all about it, dear," Sister Paula whispered, sitting down on the bed, cradling her young friend's head in her lap and rocking back and forth.

Sister Angela liked lying in Sister Paula's lap. The girl's thighs were firm and smooth beneath her habit and a faint musky smell wafted up from her crotch.

"Wel... it all started," Sister Angela sniffled, "when I caught Mary Bowers, that sophomore, half undressed, fooling around with the gardener's assistant in the bushes. I sent her to detention study hall, and then I had to hurry on to a class I was teaching. Later this afternoon, I... I... went by the Reverend Mother's office to tell her what happened and and..." Sister Angela began to wail loudly and to beat her little fists against her chest.

136 pages - 5½ x 8½ softcover

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