Music of Time

Music of Time
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Author Name Peter Moon & Preston Nichols


The Music of Time

by Preston Nichols with Peter Moon

A Real Life Adventure! Carved into the annals of rock 'n roll history is an enigmatic and legendary sound engineer who was affectionately known in the music industry as "Little Buddha" Loved by musicians and producers for his mysterious and uncanny knack to produce hit after hit record, Little Buddha's identity has remained a virtual secret until now as Preston Nichols comes forward and reveals his hidden role in the recording industry where he worked as an expert sound engineer and recorded hundreds of hit records during the Golden Era of rock 'n roll.

Already famous for his involvement in time experiments known as the Montauk Project and heralded as one of the few people in the world who understand the true physics of time, Preston Nichols explains how subliminals and mind control were used to influence the masses who listened to rock 'n roll.

Beginning with his early work for Time Records, Preston chronicles his innovations in sound engineering and tells how he constructed the premier music studio in the world for Phil Spector at Bell Sound. Having created a Mecca for talented musicians, Preston soon found himself surrounded by and interfacing with the likes of the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, and many more such popular acts. For the first time, Preston reveals his employment at Brookhaven Labs and how his connections in the music industry were used for mind control and manipulation of the masses.

The Music of Time blends music with time travel as Preston integrates his extensive knowledge of music with his insights into time and offers a new view of history and the universe. But, most chilling of all are his real life adventures which lead to time travel, his own role in the future, and the efforts of his adversaries to put him permanently out of commission. These include efforts by mysterious sources which enable Preston to parlay his resources into the ownership of different radio stations and enable him to set up his own facility for time travel research. At the same time, the hand of evil reaches into the equation which results in the arrest of John Ford, the premier UFO researcher on Long Island who sought to expose the truth about Long Island politics and was also Preston's colleague.

Ford is placed in jail and permanently incarcerated without any trial, let alone a speedy one. In a remarkable twist of fate, mysterious forces rescue Preston from suffering a similar fate and begin a documented investigation and eventual conviction of the most politically powerful man on Long Island.

The Music of Time unravels more layers of mystery in mankind's epic quest to understand the paradox of time and the imprisonment of consciousness. It is an intriguing look at the unknown history of the music business which leads to a human rights saga that will make patriotic Americans cringe. Told against the backdrop of time travel, a new millennium begins to unfold.

    Table of Contents

    Part One

    1 My Start in the Music Business
    2 The Wall of Sound
    3 Buddah Records
    4 Days of Future Passed
    5 Back to Brookhaven
    6 The Lost Chord
    7 The Physics of Music
    8 Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll
    9 Jim Morrison
    10 Special Effects
    11 Earthquake
    12 Mind Control
    13 Star Wars
    14 Sky High
    15 The Mind Amplifier
    16 Shifting Realities
    17 Swan Lake
    18 Victory at Sea
    19 Science Fiction
    20 Pyramid Rock & the Laser Disk
    21 Espionage & Theft

    Part Two
    22 The Radio Business
    23 John Ford Arrested
    24 The Air Force
    25 Declared Incompetent
    26 Powell Destroyed
    27 Considerations
    28 The Future


5 1/2 x 8 1/2 quality trade paperback, perfect binding, illustrations.
244 pages with index

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