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The Covert Government
Mind Control Programs

Commander X and the Committee of 12

Let me keep it simple. They don't have to come inside your house. The eavesdropper can simply use a gps tracking device to perform electronic harassment and view everything about your life while you are in your car, shopping, what restaurant you like to eat at, where ever you go; friends, family, it doesn't matter. It is all in full view for your enemies and their allies, complete with your telephone conversations.

They have full view of the inside of your home or business office online and it doesn't matter if the lights are off or what room you are in. The cameras are infrared and/or xray so you literally have no place to hide, even-or especially-in your own home. There are a large number of gps devices, phone bugs, wireless cameras and other tracking devices, so don't waste your money on over-thecounter bugsweeps. They are a rip-off because most of them can't locate or identify the newer surveillance devices."
Former Intelligence Officer


Colorado resident Steve Lee does a daily battle with extremely strange happenings around his house. Everything from laser-like shafts of light that shine through the walls and then tie themselves in knots to ghostly faces that peer back at him from his mirrors are part of everyday life for Lee and his family. But unlike most people with similar stories to tell, Lee puts no stock in the notion that he's being visited by ghosts or aliens.

" I think this whole paranormal thing is just a front for what's going on," Lee said. " I'm just that kind of person. Maybe it's the way I was raised."

Lee has also taken hundreds of photographs of the " paranormal" events around his house, and even his own photographic evidence fails to convince him that something genuinely supernatural is going on.

" People say, 'How can you not believe in this stuff when you've got pictures of it?'" Lee said. " Well, I don't. I guess the way I see it-if you could photograph ghosts and aliens, then how come everybody else doesn't have these pictures? Why do just I have them? I think it's all a big hoax. But, it's not being hoaxed by me. I don't know who it is."

Lee said the whole eerie business began about five years ago when he and his wife and two children returned from a ten-day hunting trip. They discovered that their expensive log cabin in the exclusive Black Forest area outside Colorado Springs had been trifled with in their absence.

" When we came back," he said, " we noticed the furniture wasn't in the same place. The dishes and the carpets were different. So whatever was put in the house was done in those ten days."

But there was more amiss than just the household fixtures.

" We started seeing lights," he said, " laser light-looking beams. Then shortly after that, we started hearing voices in the house that shouldn't be there. During this time period, I was taking photos of the kids around the house-I take a lot of pictures-and things started showing up in them."

Lee's first reaction to the strange photos was to throw them away. " I thought it was a problem with my camera or with the developing," he said. " Then I started getting clear images, like faces, in my pictures. And especially in the mirrors in the house. Even now, if you take pictures in my mirrors, you're definitely going to get some kind of face in there."

A couple of months after their return from the hunting trip, Lee and his family experienced the first of a long string of even weirder incidents.

" It was shortly after New Year's," Lee said. " I walked out onto the front porch to smoke a cigarette because I can't smoke in the house. I saw these three guys in snow-camouflage about fifty yards out in front of the house with rifles pointing at me. I went, 'What the hell?' So I went inside and got my rifle and I got my wife and she got the camera. I said, 'You see those guys?' She said 'Yeah.' I said 'You start taking pictures. I'm going to walk up to them.'

" So I started walking towards them," he continued, " looking through my scope. And I'm ready to shoot. I get fifteen feet from them and one of them says, 'Easy does it, buddy.' And bam, they just vanished. There was fresh snow on the ground, but there were no tracks or anything. But I did get pictures of them."

Another similar incident involving twelve disappearing soldiers happened a short time later. This time there were more witnesses than just Lee and his wife.

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