Ancient Mysteries Atlantis-Lemuria Cosmic Forces Of Mu Vol.2

Cosmic Forces Of Mu Vol.2

Cosmic Forces Of Mu  Vol.2
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Cosmic Forces Of Mu, Vol.2

by James Churchward

COSMIC FORCES OF MU, Volume 2 is the fifth book in the famous MU series by Col. James Churchward who spent a lifetime researching the vanished Pacific continent and super-civilization of Mu.

This volume traces the birth of the Earth according to the Cosmic Farces of Mu. As the author writes: `I am now going to take you back...millions upon millions of years before man first trod on the earth, and aeons of time before history commenced to be written.`

The Earth is only a tiny twig on a big branch of an immense tree. Therefore she does not get her forces direct from the Source of the Cosmic Forces. What she requires is portioned out to her by her Sun. `To show intelligently how the earth manipulates what is given to her by the Sun, it is necessary to see her construction. This I am attempting to do by describing her Birth, commencing when she was only a Nebula, a mass of circulating, whirling gases like the great Nebula in the constellation Andromeda.`

Page 80

An overpowering death-like stillness lay over the whole land, for in those days the purling brook had not been born. There were no bleatings of lambs, the merry bark of dogs or the friendly neighing of horses. No little feathered songsters flitted from branch to branch in the trees and bush. Such as these could not exist in the carbon surcharged atmosphere of the Carbonic Era.

The poisonous steam, vapors and miasmas rose from the slush and mud to join each other and cling in poisonous drops on every point of foliage.

O'er this scene the sun was rising red, hot and angry looking, and as it rose towards its zenith, so the already damp, overpowering, poisonous heat continued to rise with it. The long feathery arms of the tree ferns, and the long graceful tapering leaves of the lycapods began to wilter and droop, thus showing their resentment of the ever-increasing heat.

A splashing in the slush, beneath the undergrowth of foliage, falls on the ear, accompanied by low guttural grunts, like spasmodic rumblings of muffled drum. It is only one of the scaly monstrosities of the fierce amphibian life which existed in these swamps, expressing his disgust at the heat of he crawls and flounders to some more sheltered spot.

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5.5x8.5", softbound, 267 pp

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