Science Mysteries Time Travel Montauk Project : Experiments in Time

Montauk Project : Experiments in Time

Montauk Project : Experiments in Time
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The Montauk Project:
Experiments in Time

by Preston Nichols with Peter Moon

The Montauk Project chronicles the most amazing and secretive research project in recorded history. Starting with the "Philadelphia Experiment"; of 1943, invisibility experiments were conducted aboard the USS Eldridge that resulted in full scale teleportation of the ship and crew. Forty years of massive research ensued, culminating in bizarre experiments at Montauk Point that actually tapped the powers of creation and manipulated time itself.

The Montauk Project bridges the modalities of science with the most esoteric techniques ever imagined and finally catapults us to the threshold of the stars. We all know something is out there, but we're not sure exactly what. This book, at long last, begins to provide some solid clues.

    Table of Contents

    Guide to the Reader

    1 The Philadelphia Experiment
    2 Montauk Discovered
    3 A Visit to Montauk
    4 Duncan Arrives
    5 A conspiracy Revealed
    6 "Project Moonbeam"
    7 Wilhelm Reich and the Phoenix Project
    8 The "Phoenix Project" Absorbs "Project Rainbow"
    9 The Montauk Project Begins
    10 The Montauk Chair
    11 Creation from the Ether
    12 Time Warping
    13 Time Travel
    14 Mission to Mars
    15 Encounter with the Beast
    16 The Nature of Time
    17 The Montauk Base is Sealed
    18 Montauk Today
    19 von Neumann Alive!

    Appendix A A Scientific Analysis of the Radiosonde
    Appendix B Wilhelm Reich
    Appendix C Mind Control and the Persian Gulf War
    Appendix D Nikola Tesla
    Appendix E History of the Philadelphia Experiment and it's Reconciliation with the Montauk Project
    Appendix F Quantum Levels of Existence
    Appendix G Glossary

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 qualilty trade paperback, perfect binding,
photos, diagrams and illustrations.

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