Lesbo Lessons

Lesbo Lessons
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Lesbo Lessons

Twyla Twacht


Though the topics and themes are much the same as American erotica, the British use of English adds a luster to the stories, missing from the vulgar used in America. For all the Bible thumpers, sapphism was not banned in the Bible anywhere!



When she arrived in the chairman's office at the high school, Mara Blake was not sure of her boss' sexual interest. Ruth Peter had smiled at her, had talked calmly and casually about the school. But even then, Mara recalled, there was a hint of the sexual attack to come. Even then Ruth had demonstrated a sign that she coveted the younger woman's body. At first it was only in Ruth's eyes. As she talked, her eyes were fixed on the thin cotton T-shirt that sheathed her full round breasts, on the large nipples that seemed ready to burst through.

A moment later as she asked her question, Ruth's eyes fell to the Eurasian beauty's long bare legs and the smooth coffee-colored thighs and lingered on Mara's crotch. Mara was nervously aware that the skirt hugged her flesh too tightly, that her hips and breasts were too sexy for this kind of interview. But it was a hot day and she hated heat. For a second she thought she was wrong about Ruth Peter being a lesbian, but her next remark worried her even more than what seemed to be a frank look of open desire.

"Your skin is very lovely, Miss Blake," Ruth Peter said, eyeing her carefully, "it looks like burnished gold. It's so beautiful I want to touch it." Ruth laughed as Mara blushed. "Oh it's just that I paint, my dear, and I am so sensitive to skin color. I do a good many nudes in fact." Ruth's eyes were riveted to the deft between Mara's firm thighs. "The texture of skin does fascinate me."

She leaned forward and rubbed her fingers lightly along the beautiful girl's thighs. For a crazy moment, Mara was sure, they would plunge upward into her vagina & entwine themselves madly about her thick bush. It was not only that Ruth's gesture was deeply sensual, she could see that the woman was seriously aroused. Ruth's eyes were dilating as she stared at Mara's legs and her voice was trembly. Or was all this just in her mind?

260 pages - 5½ x 8½ softcover

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