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Lost Keys of Freemasonry

Lost Keys of Freemasonry
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The Lost Keys of Freemasonry

By Manly P. Hall

Also known as The Secret of Hiram Abiff, this text was written for the Mason and non-Mason alike. Mr. Hall, himself an honorary 33º Mason, reveals the profound aspects of this ancient Fraternity which has been the source of inspiration to so many individuals through the centuries.

The basic symbolism of the three degrees of the Blue Lodge is explained and a chapter entitled "The Egyptian Initiate" is especially enlightening.


Page 46:
It is strange how divine powers may become perverted until each expression and urge becomes a ruffian and a murderer. The divine compassion of the gods manifests in this world of form very differently than in the realms of light. Divine compassion is energized by the same influxes as mortal passions and the lusts of earth.

The spiritual light rays of Cosmos-the Fire Princes of the Dawn-which seethe and surge through the unregenerate man, are the impulses which he perverts to murder and hate. The ceaseless power of Chaos, the seething pin-wheel spirals of perpetual motion, whose majestic cadences are the music of the spheres, are energized by the same great power that man uses to destroy the highest and best.

The same mystic power that keeps the planets in their orbits keeps each electron spinning and whirling, the same energy that is building the temple of God, is now a merciless slave-driver which, unmastered and uncurbed, strikes the Compassionate One and sends him reeling backward into the darkness of his prison.

Man does not listen to that little voice which speaks to him in ever loving, ever sorrowful tones. This voice speaks of the peace accompanying the constructive application of energy which he must chain if he would master the powers of creation.

End Excerpt

Illustrated by J. Augustus Knapp.

Paperback, 5x8, 110pp

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