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Lost Continent of MU

Lost Continent of MU
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The Lost Continent of MU

by James Churchward

Mu, the Motherland, a lost culture which was the center of civilization some 25,000 years ago. A vanished continent which sent Colonel James Churchward on a lifetime's search, from the vaults of an Indian temple to Australia, from Siberia to the South Seas.

In 1868, while serving with the British Army in India, Churchward became close friends with a high temple priest who taught him how to decipher numerous stone tablets which had lain hidden for centuries in the temple vaults. They told of a vast civilization which had emerged, flourished and decayed long before our own; the Continent of Mu.

This is Churchward's story of how he followed the trail of Mu to the ends of the earth and pieced together the picture of a civilization, guided by religious principles, whose influence is still felt throughout the world - though now lost in the mists of time... Mu, the Motherland.

Page 190
For example, a Zuni tradition says: "Once the earth was covered with water, no land appeared anywhere." Is this a myth? Not at all, for it has been corroborated by the sacred writings of the Motherland and by geology.

Another Zuni tradition says: "Just before man appeared upon the earth, the ground was so soft and watery man could not have waded upon it, his feet would sink into the ground, therefore he could not live upon it." A description of what sort of footwear a man must have had to enable him to pass over the soft, watery ground without sinking into it, is very amusing.

Although geological works do not mention this kind of ground as having been in the world at any time, yet that such was the case is clearly shown by the shape and character of the feet of the early Tertiary animals, who had long, spreading toes like the feet of our present-day wading birds who frequent the muddy shores of rivers, ponds and lakes.

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