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Sacred Symbols of MU

Sacred Symbols of MU
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The Sacred Symbols of MU
by James Churchward

In this, the third book in the famous series, Churchward examines the origin and original meanings of the world's religious symbols and their common source -the ancient Continent of Mu, Mu, the Motherland, whose legacy is displayed in the underlying unity of religious symbology shared by all later civilizations (ancient, vanished and current).

The author devoted fifty years piecing together the story of this highly developed society which flourished in the Pacific Ocean region over 20,000 years ago.

I highly recommend the study of all James Churchward's works to give the seeker of divine knowledge the key to unlock all doors through the symbolic truths of the ancients."
-- Norman Paulsen, author of Christ Consciousness

Page 104
UIGHUR. - Plate I (between pages 160-1) coming from the ancient capital of the Uighurs, destroyed about 18,000 to 20,000 years ago - Chinese records say 10,000 years ago - is probably the oldest record of man being created with the dual principle.

There are in this world those, the spiritual part of whose brains are so finely keyed to each other, that words are unnecessary to express the feelings of one towards the other when they first meet. These possibly are the two halves of man and woman which in bygone times made one soul. All the past is bridged at a glance. The divine, pure love for one another leaps into life again on the instant. Many modern writers have vulgarly termed this "the man call." It is not the man call; it is the souls' call, mates. The "man call" is materialism. Materialism has nothing to do with it, because the call is spiritual.

Again, two persons, meeting for the first time, may or may not take a dislike to one another. One of them at least may take a dislike to the other and mistrust the other for no apparent reason. This is popularly termed "first impressions." Probably if their past incarnations could be recalled and they could see all that happened in them, the question would be answered.

296 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, soft back

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