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Living Energy Universe

Living Energy Universe
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The Living Energy Universe

BY Gary E.R. Schwartz
and Linda G.S. Russek


Once upon a time more than 2,000 years ago, there existed a people who lived in paradise. They believed that everything was alive, feeling, evolving, and immortal.

They believed that they were children of the night rainbow represented by the violet ring that formed around the full moon in the deep black sky.

They did not live apart from the universe but saw themselves as infinitely evolving manifestations of manna (energy) of a living universe. For them there was no death, only transitions to various unfolding embodiments of the vibrant energy and information that was their spirit and soul.

They relished the joy of confidence that their consciousness not only survived after death but continued to evolve forever. They felt profoundly responsible and accountable for their role in the making of universal living memories. Every chant, hula, and pule (prayer) represented their confidence that they and everyone and everything they loved were forever energetically connected, alive, and evolving.

These people of paradise were the Hawaiians and the other people of the islands of Polynesia. These were people who knew, and lived, the essence of what Gary Schwartz and Linda Russek have presented scientifically in this wonderful, courageous, and comforting book.

Hardbound, 6x8, 300 pages

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