Line in the Sand

Line in the Sand
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in the Sand

Daniel Miller

You've heard the Governor of Texas mention it. You've heard state legislators talk about it. You've heard the media ridicule it. Now look at this Texas movement from within. The Texas Nationalist Movement's President, Daniel Miller, opens the movement's reasons and strategum to gain independence of Texas for all to see.

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In "Line in the Sand," Daniel Miller tackles the concepts of what 'political will' and 'nationalism' is and what it means to Texans. He eloquently removes all reason for doubt concerning Texas independence and explains that maintaining the status-quo for Texas is not wise or is it the way of a Texan or statesmen. He shows why any other method, other than the ballot box, to seek independence, will be ill fated and in today's modern age cannot succeed. It is the magnum opus of the movement, laying out its mission, goals and plans to gain independence peacefully.


LINE IN THE SAND. The title of this book could absolutely not be more appropriate as we witness the local, national, and international political turmoil unfolding before our very eyes on television every day. We are constantly deluged with words like "unsustainable", "socialism", "social justice", just to mention a few. The snapshot of our time in history has become a scary picture. Will our economy collapse? Probably. Will anti-democratic administrations become reigning forces throughout the world? More than likely. Will America as we have known it cease to be the Republic we were taught it was, and will life as we know it change? Yes!

My friends, this book not only outlines the vast problems we now face here in Texas, but finally, someone with the backbone to speak the truth tells the people of Texas the only real solution to the political disaster that is coming our way.

Today, people like Glenn Beck tell us that America is lost and we need to pray and wait for a leader like George Washington to return. Rush Limbaugh tells us that America is headed in the wrong direction, and that we need to continue to vote conservatives into office. Well, that's all fine and good. I happen to believe in prayer. I happen to have voted conservatively for forty two years. Unfortunately, neither has kept this country from the brink of total disaster as we find ourselves currently!

Two years ago I found myself at a crossroads with the leadership and direction of this country. I am a VietNam veteran. I am an ex-Michigan State Trooper. But I have always been a son of Texas. I am from a family of tried and true, red white and blue patriots. But, I knew something was terribly wrong with this country and I, like millions of Americans and especially Texans, could not find any solutions to the problems. I knew something had to change, and that change was not being offered by Washington, D.C or anyone associated with it!

In my utter frustration, a friend of mine introduced me to the Texas Nationalist Movement website. So, I went to the website and I researched, I studied, I questioned, and I began to analyze the situation that my beloved Texas, my home, found itself in. As I studied, I realized that Washington D.C. cannot and will not be fixed. So I put my attention back on Texas, my family, my future and the future of my children and grandchildren. I found that the answer lay not in Washington, but in Texas!

I then went to visit the author of this book and the President of the Texas Nationalist Movement. I needed to meet Daniel and find out for myself who he was, what the Texas Nationalist Movement was, and if my thoughts about Texas were even possible.

What I found, fellow Texans, was a man of incredible insight and astute political consciousness. A man who understands completely where Texas stands and all she has to lose. A man who had taken Texas of the past and had brought her full circle in the very identical struggles for freedom and liberty that we face today. I found a man that demanded the path to freedom be a peaceful and legislative path.

The only path that can solve all the problems we face as the Great State of Texas, and as individuals, is secession and Texas Independence. All other options are doomed to failure.

Now Daniel Miller has put the goals, the reasons, the logic, the legality, the questions, and the lack of real options other than Texas Independence into this masterpiece that will become part of Texas history. I urge you to read this book with the future of you and your family in mind. It is a path to freedom and liberty, and one that true Texans will understand and identify with immediately.

It is time to admit the truth. Texas and Texans are out of options. LINE IN THE SAND truly lays out the only real option left to us. Daniel has shown the way. It is up to us now to respond and make true freedom and liberty a reality in our lifetime! The choice is ours and history will judge us on which path we choose to take. Take what they give us, or, DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND!

Cary Wise

296 pages - 7 x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610337409
ISBN-13: 9781610337403

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