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I Rode With Tupper

I Rode With Tupper
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I Rode With Tupper

by J. Patrick Shannan

As told to William Bicket

The information found in I Rode with Tupper, although written in 1992, is timeless. The story of the IRS's persecution, prosecution, and then more persecution of this author, pianist, songwriter, and passive resistor F. Tupper Saussy is also a ride through history. As in most of his writings, J. Patrick Shannan feeds the reader much more than just the story line. As one talk show host put it, "I would have to read fifty books to get the information provided here."

Indeed! Are you aware that all ten planks of The Communist Manifesto are firmly in place in this allegedly free country? Do you know the difference between a "democracy" and a "republic" and why the founders took careful steps to avoid one of these systems of government? Do you know the difference between "lawful money" and "legal tender" and how one of the two surreptitiously provides total control by government over its people. (The other one keeps government in check and answerable to the people.)

Other little known and much suppressed facts emerge from this fascinating book of 240 pages. Marilyn Monroe called Attorney General Bobby Kennedy's office no less than eight times in the weeks prior to her death. In an exclusive interview with the BBC but unpublished in the USA, a CIA hired killer admitted to flying James Earl Ray out of Charley Brown Airport in west Atlanta to Montreal, days after the murder of Martin Luther King. The infamous Korean Airlines flight 007, supposedly shot out of the sky on the night of August 31, 1983, did not crash but landed safely in shallow water near Sakhalin Island, as was first reported. When the plane was later fished out of the water, there were no bodies on board and no luggage in the hold. Researcher Avraham Shifrin, who is considered to be the top authority in the world on Soviet prisons, has reported that four people died in the air attack and the 265 survivors, including U. S. Congressman Larry McDonald, were taken to Soviet concentration camps.

Did you know that the Constitution for the United States protects your right to travel from place to place, uninhibited by tariff. The courts over the years have ruled many times that travel is a common right under the "right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." However, when one applies for the license (privilege), he relinquishes that right and falls under the control of the state. Hence, seat belt laws, DUI restrictions, and unwarranted searches.

I Rode with Tupper is an emotional elevator trip of suspense and drama. It is also an educating work of little known facts about the founding of our nation which both children and adults can use as a reference manual for years to come.

228 pages, 6 x 9", soft back

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